NFL Preview 2019: Chicago Bears


Published on Aug 14, 2019


After a year as of 2018 will not be easy to realize the great expectations that can be summarized in the motto “BE OBSESSED” the best coach in the NFL, 2018, Matt Nagy.

2018 for the Bears the year has been absolutely remarkable, back to take with the malice and arrogance of the NFC NORTH, putting the sedan (and out of the playoffs) to the QB the most noble of the alloy, and the (then) highest-paid.
It will not be easy to confirm the record of 12-4 last year the Monsters of the Midway have made record of the season, considering a calendar of 2019 really hard to add to the attention for a team that is no longer classified as emerging and which has all the credentials to be one of the protagonists of the season that is to come.

The inspiration of Nagy, at the onset, after a hellish two years-based in the way immovable on the “ground and pound”, it will find an important year of experience in a department that at the last training is presented with 0 total minutes played together between all the elements of the air raid on the holder.
The attack can still rely on a defense that we may (but we will not do this only for the sake reverential) to consider if not the strongest in the league, and certainly the most feared.

Particular rather abnormal, and that is not the law all the days on the NFL is the question of the Special Team, in particular, for the kicker, after the “Double Doink!” which eliminated the Bears from the race to the Super Bowl in 2018, has attracted the attention of the coaching staff that opened the doors from the very first days of the new season to the aspiring kicker of 2019, putting them to the test in a series of challenges that until now have reaped something like a dozen players between rookie and not. An obsession this can only refer to the Finkleriana madness of the film the memory (remember: Finkle is Heinhorn!)

The attack of the 2019 Chicago Bears is a weapon that is likely to take on the break many defenses and considering the little consideration of the QB-Mitchell Trubisky (the last in the chronological order of the evaluation “75” Madden 2020) despite the presence of the last pro-bowl season, which, although with 2 games in hand and a gameplan completely changed, has put together more than 3200 yards, run 400 races, with 24 TD passes and 3 rush TD.
The eyes of many fans, the Bears are also focused on Allen Robinson, WR, which in several occasions has moved the chain in situations of necessity –not least the reception in traffic that resulted in the spheroid on the 32 in the last seconds against the Eagles, which this year will have to take some of the weight on the shoulders of Trubisky.

The magnificent duo consisting of Taylor “Turbo” Gabriel and Anthony Miller close a package WR that has seen the addition of an element such as Cordarrelle Patterson, a player from the multipurpose character that is perfectly suited to an attacking dynamic as that imposed by Nagy.

But not only with the launches is the constraint matches, and have let go of an outstanding player on the ground£ as Jordan Howard shore the Eagles), the attention of the off-season were focused mainly on the role of running back, going to take the first pick in the draft (3rd round absolute) the talent of Iowa State David Montgomery, a player who in some respects reminds of the Bulldozer, but with a completely different physicality, dynamism, and skills of reception (sore point that has always accompanied Howard). Montgomery is in addition to the talent of the “Human Joystick” Tarik Cohen, the player can subvert literally the rules of physics and dynamics, and the former Seahawks Mike Davis, another RB chosen for its dynamism and explosiveness.

The intent of head coach Matt Nagy is clear, and perhaps it is really the most important element of all of our offense of 2019: the unpredictability.
For information ask for Bradley Sowell.

Mention a duty on the offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich who, after years of pockets ballerinas and pass protection approximate has put on the line offensive of all respect and that it is able to not miss any element in spite of the contracts of Kyle Long and Bobbie Massie in maturity.

If for the attack on the 2019 will be the year for a demonstration of force in the defense of 2019 will be the confirmation of a department nightmare for the NFL, even after the departure of the great Vic Fangio, flew to Denver to finally live the experience to be head coach, and replaced by a habitue of the blitz as Chuck Pagano, who finds himself the coordinator of a department that does not need anything other than a new prey to dismember.

The front seven has not in fact lost no element in this off season, resorting to the extension of the 5th year of the contract rookie for the OLB Leonard Floyd and being able to have items monstrous as Khalil Mack and Roquan Smith that this year, both participated for the first time at training camp.
With the confirmation, then, of the two leaders defensivi Akiem Hicks and Danny Trevathan, the roster has remained unchanged, even for those elements of the second plan at a media level (but key in the rotation in the field) Roy Robertson-Harris and Daniel Bullard.
Close the circle of the front seven Bilal Nichols, OD that in the near future promises to become an indispensable element of the Bears and one of the best in the league, and the nose tackle Eddie Goldman, who in the 4-3 who Pay favors should not be difficult to carve out a place from the protagonist.

The inside of the secondary, instead, were operated on, the cuts in the predictable but necessary, that with hindsight were not at all hard for the value of the department: as was to be expected with the salary request of the SS Adrian Amos was far from being accepted by the Bears, who have closed a sort of “exchange-along” with the Green Bay Packers tucking in on the product of Alabama Crimson Tide Ha-Ha Clinton Dix, the player that will end up as a companion to the department, the star, Eddie Jackson, he, too, is a son of the tremendous generation shaped by Nick Saban.
Bryce Callahan, a player wanted by Fangio, who grew up and exploded last year below him, he preferred to follow his mentor flying to Denver.
And here our GM Ryan Pace has demonstrated her skills, which earned him, among other things, the title, the GM of the year, in bringing to Chicago a talent the likes of Buster Skrine, is output from the Jets. Skrine has been shown to be a player is absolutely dreadful even if not very constant, but that it can integrate very well in a defence that last year was the star of the league dominandola with 36 takeaways, and 27 interceptions.

The coaching staff headed by Matt Nagy, lost an important element as Vic Fangio, he has fallen back on one of the defensive coordinator the most aggressive in the NFL, that Chuck Pagano, who after a less than exciting experience from HC at the Indianapolis motor speedway finds the role which he left in 2011 to the Baltimore Ravens, handing over to his successor a defense led by a certain Ray Lewis, who in the following year he won the Super Bowl XLVII.

The rest of the coaching staff, which, among other things, we had the pleasure of knowing many of its components to the last Venom Camp in Varese, confirming a homogenous group and united towards a common goal that has brought to Chicago an air that is not breathed for a very long time.

In the 34th year after the greatest defense in the world of football has ever seen, that is, the Chicago Bears of 1985, but the arithmetic seems to indicate that the betting against this team next season will be a gamble.
All we can do is sit in a chair and let the Monster of the Midway are shown for what they are: beasts, killer with a hunger for victory.




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