Next week: Simona leads a solitary from Milan, guests in the studio in Rome


Published on Mar 08, 2020


This month will remain in the history, not only for the emergency coronavirus but also for everything that happens in the world of television that may look like the second floor but it is the mirror of what happens in our country. Today, Simona Ventura has led his program, Settimna Ventura, from a makeshift studio in Milan in order not to leave the Lombardy region. Yet she would have had reasons, important working, for having to leave the region, but did not, because actually, the show can continue and must continue, but you can do it in another way.

“Have a nice Sunday from the red zone, have a good Sunday from Milan,” said the hostess, greeting the public, by posting the video on social to thank all the people who from home follow the program of Rai 2. The Ventura remained in Milan, moved to Rome where there is the study of the Week.

The words of Simona Ventura in the first few minutes of today's episode of the Week.

“It is 15 days that the coronavirus has changed our habits,” explained the anchorwoman speaking to the new decree issued by the Government. The Ventura remember this great challenge, that leads us to look with great important to the small details, with the things that you took for granted. The Ventura invites everyone to do their duty. All italians are called to responsibility and also from the small screen you can, and you need to send message important.

When fate throws the glove of challenge to our country, our Country knows how to respond with great courage, responsibility and dignity. Viva, women, viva l'italia! 🇮🇹 ♥️ #settimanaventura

“Women living and viva l'italia,” said the presenter doing today, on the day of the feast of the woman, also the best wishes to all the women.

It is perhaps the first time in a television program, a conductor leads from a different studio, far away from the guests and the colleagues in solo.

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