Newton Compton: the news output from November 27 to December 3

Published on Nov 28, 2017

Here are the new literary Newton Compton Editori out this week

The week from 27 November to 3 December, we crossed the river towards the last month of the year, gives us interesting titles proposed by Newton Compton Editori: The Map Da Vinci, a book that makes me think of Umberto Eco, The alienista, the novel that inspired the TV series Netflix The Alienist; the superb Testament up to Pendragon, the epic adventure that precedes the legend of King Arthur and Excalibur.

The genius Leonardo da vinci has left a riddle to decipher. A hidden message from Leonardo on the holy shroud. Which key can decipher a puzzle genius?

Vittorio Sgarbi has defined The map Da Vinci as: "A careful study of, and documented, and manic.".

From the basilica of Corpus christi in italy and it was stolen a painting. It is a work of David Close, who reinterprets The last supper of Leonardo da Vinci. Along with the painting is gone, even its author, an artist always fascinated by the enigma of the Holy Shroud.

The official investigation of the commissioner Coppola is flanked by that of two friends, Liza, a scholar of Leonardo, and Ivan, an expert on esotericism. In a search that seems to be almost a treasure hunt, Liza and Ivan will encounter strange characters, and disturbing, a nun, is the author of a reproduction of the holy Shroud, a cardinal from the conduct, far from orthodox, and will be confronted with complicated mysteries, puzzles, and symbols to interpret.

Every clue seems to lead inexorably to Leonardo. The men of the Church, and teams of police, documentary filmmakers and satanists: all involved in a race for the decryption of the messages left on the cloth of Turin from the greatest genius of all time...

The alienista is the New York Times bestseller, an international success, published in over 24 Countries, which inspired the eponymous TV series on Netflix.

New York, 1896. The reporter John Schuyler Moore receives the call unexpected Laszlo Kreizler, a psychologist and “alienista”, a friend of his in the old course.

The doctor begs him to join him as soon as possible to assist in the discovery of a corpse. The body was horribly mutilated and then abandoned in the vicinity of a bridge still under construction. The sight of that macabre spectacle brings in two friends about ambitious: it is possible to create the psychological profile of a murderer, based on the details of his crimes?

In an age In which society considers to be criminals and genetically predisposed, the journalist and the doctor will have to deal with corrupt cops, a gangster without scruples and varied humanity. They will discover, to their cost, trying to squeeze in the twisted mind of a killer can mean facing the horror of a past that is never deleted. A past ready to get back to the surface again, to kill again.

From the brilliant author of The gospel of forbidden comes this great thriller: Testament, the story of a fight against the time in search of the legendary ark of the covenant

586.C. Ibabilonesihanno put to fire and sword the Holy Land, and Jerusalem is falling.The priests of the temple, in desperation, embark the treasures most sacred to put them in except. 1943. A group of cryptographers the Allied forces, under the direct command of the Churchill, is working to hinder the communications of the Axis between the nazis and the japanese. Have no idea of how precious the cargo of the ship which have just sealed the fate.

Today. The archaeologist Jack Howard is on a mission in the company of his friend, Costas, hunting for the gold nazi content in a sunken wreck off the coast of the mainland. The discovery that they are about to make will take them on the trail of one of the greatest mysteries of humanity, a truth that is ancient much more than he could have imagined.

Past and present unite in a terrifying race against time for the fate of humanity. The history, the mystery and the myth intersect and make reading amazing. Gibbins is a true master of the genre.

Where begins the legend. Before king Arthur, before Excalibur, Pendragon tells the story of the birth of an epic adventure, and, paraphrasing the words of the Times: "Pendragon has all the features of the traditional historical novel: there are battles, swords, and the shouts of violent men, all told with style. It represents the birth of the myth, and the nature of the power."

367 d.C. In the forest, beyond Hadrian's wall, some of the explorers, the romans were murdered.

Lucanus, an experienced warrior known as the Wolf, knows that behind these deaths lies a dark threat. The legends, in fact, tell the demons and fairies that live with their ancient gods in the most remote corners of the forests unexplored by man.

The same that Lucanus must challenge alone, venturing into a territory that even the roman army is afraid of it. His steps lead him in the heart of a hidden war, where the factions move in the shadows.

It is the beginning of an epic adventure: from the kabbalah, which lies on the city of Rome to the mysterious monument to pagan to Stonehenge, up to the realms of the survivors of warriors to gallic.

A soldier, a thief, a cutthroat, a courtesan, a druid, and even the emperor Valentinian: all of them will have a role in the birth of the House of Pendragon and their actions will have an echo destined to resonate down the centuries.

Every legend has a beginning...

What do you think? is there any title that tickled your interest? Please let us know with a comment below!

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