News on cannagate speaks to a former castaway on New: the operators were taking the drug


Published on Feb 27, 2019


Does not seem to have the word " end " to the famous “cannagate” started almost a year ago. In the words of Eva Henger were a real hurricane, and even today, a year away from the facts, if it speaks to you. On the issue of the magazine New on sale this week, a former contestant ( don't know which edition) launches a revelation bomb. At the moment we have only seen the preview of this article of the weekly New, posted on the social by Riccardo Signoretti. The director Again has decided not to show the face of the person who made this revelation, but as soon as the magazine will be on newsstands, everyone will know who has told you certain things. From the few words that we can read now, we understand that this former contestant of the famous Island, not only confirms the version given by Eva Henger, in regards to the presence of marijuana in Honduras, but notes also the dose. This person, in fact, reveals that the drug was brought to the competitors by the operators. Charges and surely very serious, such as the person in question, of course, will bear all the responsibility.

And here is the post on Instagram of Riccardo Signoretti announcing this scoop

#scoop on #isoladefamosi and #cannagate Who wore the marijuana on the island? Statements shock on the #settimanalenuovo in the #newsstand

A post shared by Riccardo Signoretti (@riccardo_signoretti) date: Feb 26, 2019 at 11:42 PST

As you can see from the image that the same Signoretti has posted on a social network was a former competitor to speak of the cannagate and what was happening in Honduras. Will have evidence of what it says or is it just his word against that of other people? To find out, all in the newsstand to buy the magazine Again, always that the thing does not make you sleep at night! We will keep you updated as soon as discover the name of the mysterious man who hides behind that hood! Who's going?

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