New video of Valentin from the dancer vs Francesca: “You've got the farts in your head”


Published on Mar 18, 2020


Those who have decided to discredit Valentin finished his adventure in the Friends school 19? A real mystery pervades this story. You do not understand how it is possible that the editorial on-line come new videos that show the dancer in the rehearsal room ( actually, we understand very well that only someone from Mediaset, unless there is a hacker in action, may have done to get to the media these images). And so, after the video published by Dagospia, it comes a second published this time by Fanpage. If you thought that the story of Mark Caltagirone we had been given the time to trash the most high touched in the tv were wrong, because this story is really falling into the ridiculous.

And you know why? Because from the first day in which Valentin, Nicolai and Javier have been disrespectful, rude, and arrogant were held in the school. Unlike what had happened with the other dancers, for Valentin in the last weeks, you were shown images that we remember how much he was grumpy, arrogant and not very polite ( so much so that we, in our reports we had spoken even of a “redemption”). And instead it seems that he who is born round can not die square. Those images were there, only that no one showed her and here are check out now. Now that make it convenient at all to explain to us how you ever suddenly Maria de Filippi has not survived to show the door to the dancer of Latin.

The weird thing is that Francesca Touches, directly involved in this story, as well as Natalia Titova, do not spend a single word against Valentin, on the contrary. The wife of Raimondo Todaro has today published two stories on the social, in both dance with Valentin. All regular?

It is very peculiar that a woman, a professional, a dancer, you retain in feel to say sentences such as: “is Already much that I am calm and I let a girl with so many farts in the head to talk to me,” as you can see in the video posted by the Fanpage.en.

Don't you find that this story has several points obscure that no one has yet explained?

In this regard, just to give you other clues to this strange story...that's what we find on the social

Tweet mute #Amici19

As ever, Francesca Tap, a dancer who works for Friends, it says nothing of these offenses received? As ever Natalia Titova does not go down the field to confirm what Mary has told you Friday night?

For those who want to see it, here is the video:

There is only one thing in mind: Valentin perfect candidate as a teacher on Dancing with the stars!

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