New straps Supwatch for the Apple Watch with Discount Coupons iSpazio


Published on Aug 30, 2019


New straps Supwatch for the Apple Watch with Discount Coupons iSpazio

Supwatch company to whom we have already dedicated an article, returned to the charge by extending its store, launching a new range of straps.

As for the other products of the company already reviewed, also in this case, all the straps are housed in packaging that is minimal, with the upper part transparent, and a comfortable strap that allows the case to slide to extract the strap.

Hundreds of wires are braided together to create a strap, highly resistant to water and sweat, but at the same time delicate to the contact with the skin. It features a hook and loop closure for adjustment faster and more precise.

The Nylon strap sports is available in seven colors and is on sale at $19.99

The color and the texture make this white silicone strap is really special, giving a look very eye-catching, ideal for all occasions. The buckle and the locking pin are made of stainless steel to ensure durability over time.

The strap is on sale at $19.99

This strap is made of 100% genuine leather, making it comfortable around the wrist. Those elegant and eye-catching at the same time, gives a professional look. Also on this strap, the buckle and the pin are made of stainless steel.

The strap, Retro style is available in two colours; blue and orange, and is on sale at $27.99

Designed to give the Apple Watch a touch of class, this strap is inspired by the design of the style of the Herms, and also in this case, the product is made of 100% genuine leather. The best workmanship and constant attention to detail on the part of the company make leather straps and a accessory of the highest quality to elevate to the maximum the Apple Watch.

The strap style Hermès is available in nine colors and is on sale for $24.99

This strap, in addition to being made of leather, it features a strong magnetic closure. Thanks to its flexibility, it will be possible to adjust the size to ensure greater stability and safety, even while we do sport.

The watch strap leather Loop is available in five colors and is on sale for $24.99

The luxurious strap mesh is made of 316L stainless steel of first quality, polished, with numerous processes and colored by plating, vacuum (for color model, black). This process makes the strap more resistant to wear and corrosion. The butterfly clasp in stainless steel allows for easy opening and closing.

Strap Luxury mesh is available in black or silver and is on sale at $49.99.

On the official website Supwatch you can find a lot of other straps and thanks to the Coupon that is exclusive to all users of iSpazio, thanks to the code, “sup15” at checkout to receive a discount of 15% on the price of the strap. In addition, the costs of shipments are free of charge and you can pay safely via PayPal.

The straps are available for all series of Apple Watch and all of the dimensions.





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