New sets inspired by the LEGO Batman – The movie

Published on Feb 09, 2017

Below is the official press release for the launch of the new sets inspired by the film The LEGO Batman Movie, along with a gallery of images and products.



Batman, the most charming character of Gotham City, finally becomes a star of the film version of brick! This amazing great animated adventure called LEGO® Batman Movie and will be released on big cinema screens from February 9, 2017, produced by Warner Bros. Pictures.

In conjunction with the release of the film, the LEGO Group is going to launch a different playset creative, designed to relive the adventures of the LEGO Batman the Movie. The fan of the brick can be very creative as Batman, giving life to adventure completely new and full of emotions. The Batmobile, The famous Lowrider of The Joker, The attack freeze of Mr. Freeze, The Joker: escape with the balloons, The chase on the Catcycle of Catwoman, The Riddle Racer of The Riddler, the attack, The splash of the villain clayface, The Tail-Gator Killer Croc, Scuttler or Break-in at the cave — the new set of The LEGO Batman Movie will encourage endless possibilities of game-play and construction. Here's a preview of some of the set:


New sets inspired by the LEGO Batman – The movie was released for the first time on League Nerd.
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