New project for the director of Shin Godzilla and Attack on Titan


Published on Nov 24, 2017


Through the opening of the official website dedicated it was announced that the co-director of Shin Godzilla and the director of the two live action taken from The Attack of the Giants, Shinji Higuchi, will reveal her next job at the Tokyo Comic con on the 3rd of December at 14:00 (japanese time zone setting).

The web page shows the logo of Warner Bros..

Born in 1965, Shinji Higuchi is among the founding members of studio Gainax, for which he has curated, among other projects, the layout and production design of the film The Wings of Honneamise, the storyboard of the Toe to the Top! Gunbuster, the storyboard, and the director of numerous episodes of Nadia – the Mystery of The Blue Stone and the storyboard and the script of some episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

More recently involved with the storyboard of the Rebuild of Evangelion and Yamato 2199, in addition to the direction of the already mentioned live action de Attack of The Giant, and Shin Godzilla (the latter together with his friend Hideaki Year).

Source: ANN

New project for the director of Shin Godzilla and Attack on Titan is




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