New patent: the Apple Watch measure the nutritional values of the foods we eat


Published on May 02, 2017


We know that Apple is more and more concentrated on the theme of health, and the new patent published in recent days, does not that confirm this trend: the company has devised a system that will allow manufacturers of any food to incorporate nutritional information in the RFID tag can be read through the iPhone or Apple Watch.

Thanks to this solution, the user will be able to read all the information about a particular food, so you can calculate via the app calories burned and other information. The RFID tags will have to be created by the producers of these foods, with the various details about calories, ingredients, and so on. These tags then transmit the variables, nutritional as caloric value, fat content, amount of sugar and another, for an NFC device like the iPhone or Apple Watch.

Also, manufacturers can give the nutritional information on an individual basis, so as to allow users to take the data, match them and mix them according to what is eaten. For example, a user may order a hamburger with extra cheese and no mayonnaise, a portion of chips and a soft drink is sweetened. Through the app, the user can isolate or mix the values stored by the RFID tag (maybe include all the ingredients for the standard of that sandwich), so you can create your own custom table and, above all, linked to what you're really eating.



All the data are then entered in the app Health to control various parameters and always have under hand all the nutritional info for the food ingested.

But Apple has thought of something even more advanced: using sensors of the Apple Watch, the system will be able to understand how many bites he has given to the user at that precise food, so as to calculate perfectly the calories consumed, even for example, if you only ate half the sandwich. It would be an automated solution to calculate the nutritional values that are ingested on a daily basis, without the user having to manually enter any data.

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