New models mech Heroes of the Storm, available on Nexus

Published on Jan 20, 2018

Blizzard has announced the availability in the Nexus of new models of Mech Heroes of the Storm.

Launched into the fight with your favorite heroes in a glittering new look mechanics thanks to these three models:

But the news Blizzard does not end here, because the latest patch of Heroes of the Storm also includes updates to Tyrael.


Now Tyrael is facing the target of her attacks basis after bringing them to sign.

This change is purely visual and has no influence on the dynamics of the game.

The magic Resistance passive has been removed.


Maximum health base increased from 2.296 to 2.468.

Regeneration of Health is increased from 4.78 to 5,14.


Power And druin (Q) – Mana Cost reduced from 50 to 45.

Righteousness (W) – Mana Cost reduced from 60 to 50; the amount of the shield for the allies changed from a fixed value to 40% of shield Tyrael (this is the same amount of shields, but makes it easier to understand the new interactions of the talents).

Atonement (And) – Can be activated in movement; increased damage from 144 to 150.


Level 1

Level 4

Level 7

Level 13

Level 16

Level 20

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