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Published on Feb 07, 2018


Through the profile the official Twitter of the manga it was announced that the novels of the original Ninja Slayer, Bradley Bond and Philip Morzez will enjoy a new comic series.

Entitled Ninja Slayer – Kyoto Hell on Earth and will be realized by the creative team composed by Yoshiaki Tabata (texts) and Yuuki Yogo (drawings), the same duo that took care of the adaptation of the manga, which ended on the 9th of December 2017 on the magazine Comptiq of Kadokawa (14 volumes in total).

Ninja Slayer – Kyoto Hell on Earth will begin to be serialized in the magazine Champion Red published by Akita Shoten starting from the number 6, on sale from 19 April 2018.


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Une nouvelle adaptation manga pour Ninja Slayer

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In Italy, the previous Ninja Slayer duo Tabata – Yogo is in course of publication for Planet Manga (4 volumes so far):

“Inspired by the homonymous series of novels, cyberpunk, come the manga of the " dark “god of death”. In the metropolis of Neo-Saitama, the boss of the yakuza and the ninjas at their service, they make the law, but there is someone who has sworn revenge: a warrior masked known as Ninja Slayer! This title has been taken, the souls, signed by a Trigger.”

Always the modena has given to the press also Ninja Slayer Glamorous Killers, further reduction edited by Ageha Saotome.

It remains unpublished, in addition to the novel in the original, the third adaptation of Ninja Slayer Setsu of Kotaro Sekine in the course for Kodansha.

The animated series was proposed by VVVVID.

New anime series Ninja Slayer is




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