New MacBook Air 2018, here is the teardown of iFixit


Published on Nov 08, 2018


The team of iFixit has performed the teardown of the new MacBook Air 2018, revealing the changes made by Apple to make easier the replacement of the internal components. It seems, in fact, that the repair of the new ultra-portable will be really less difficult compared to other computer products from the californian company.

Before making your way to the inside of the MacBook Air, iFixit has confirmed that the new machine has the same keyboard butterfly improved MacBook air and MacBook Pro up to date. The third generation has a membrane anti-noise silicone that prevents debris to get in.

After you have removed the base of the MacBook Air, fixed in place with the family screws pentalobo Apple, iFixit has discovered the small logic board of the computer. It is cooled by a single fan and a “heat sink” and is flanked by large speakers.

The logic board has the processor quad-core Intel MacBook Air, a new security chip T2 that powers items such as Touch ID and audio, 128 GB of flash memory products from SanDisk and 8 GB of RAM LPDDR3 of SK Hynix. But none of that is removable.

Many other components, however, are removable and easier to repair or replace. The two USB ports-C of the MacBook Air are separated from the logic board and can be replaced individually, as well as the Touch sensor ID, and the trackpad bigger.

iFixit reveals also a novelty – the most important – about the battery of the new MacBook Air is stuck on the place, but Apple has used stripes (like the ones present nelliiPhone) that can be removed to allow replacement of the battery without the need of a new case.

At the end of the teardown, iFixit awarded the new MacBook Air 2018 a score of 3/10 for the repairability. This want is not yet very easy to disassemble and repair, but compared to other Apple products, offering greater flexibility. This should make the repairs carried out by Apple faster and perhaps more convenient.

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