New changes to the programming in the schedule of Channel 5: here's what's going to happen in march 2019


Published on Feb 26, 2019


The big problems of Mediaset are all on the first night of Channel 5, the flagship network from September to today, she continues to make you listen to very low in prime time and is often dubbed by Rai 1 and beaten by the other networks. The experts speak even of listening in the “regional network” for Channel 5. Mediaset then tries to run for cover by moving here and there, fiction and programs, bringing the sickness to the public. What we will see in the month of march 2019? Also for the first few weeks of the month, no shortage of variations on the part of Mediaset has decided to make moves particular. Let's see together how to change the programming in the coming days and in the coming weeks.

We then discover together which ones are the major changes in these first weeks of march 2019.

There is no peace for the Island of the famous 2019: the ratings do not improve, are always very low, the worst ever, and the reality of Channel 5 is preparing to change the collation in the schedule of the network.

– Wednesday, February 27, seventh installment

– Monday, march 4 eighth bet

– Monday, march 11, the ninth episode

With regard to Adrian, the show of Adriano Celentano, it seems that this season will not go on the air. The episodes remaining of the cartoon, and the show's Channel 5 will air in the fall, if all goes well, in September.

The start of the new fiction of Channel 5 the silence of The water was planned for Sunday evening. But probably, also considered in the ratings is not exciting Sanremo Young, Mediaset has decided to play in advance, and so the next week will be aired on Friday evening the first episode of the new fiction with Ambra Angiolini and Giorgio Pasotti.

Nothing at the moment, you know on the start date of the new program by Barbara d'urso. It is said that should make his debut on the 13th of march 2019, but for the time being official, there is virtually nothing.

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