Netgear Orbi, a valid alternative to the Apple AirPort


Published on Apr 29, 2018


With the line wireless router AirPort now sent on board from Apple, one of the best alternatives on the market is that of the Orbi tagged Netgear now on offer for 249€!

The design of Orbi (in the package you will find two items: the router and the satellite) is really exceptional, so much so it almost looks like a piece of furniture for any house (from a distance can be mistaken for a vase...). The shape is that of a monolith white matte made of plastic of excellent quality, with rounded edges and no key is in evidence. On the back of the two turrets, there are 4 ethernet ports, the sync button and a USB 2.0 port, in addition to the power button and the socket for the power supply. The only writing is that of the “orbi” message and the gray color on the front. The dimensions are 7.7 x 22.6 x 17 cm, 889 grams. Around there is no router more aesthetically pleasing.

One of the elements that has led to the success of this orbi is definitely the perfect integration with platforms such as IFTTT and SmartThings, thanks to which you can connect and manage several devices of the Internet of Things. NetGear makes us know that it is working with Apple to add the integration with the accessories HomeKit.

With the repeater you can cover almost the entire house without any kind of problem or loss of signal, thanks to the use of a third channel that serves to manage the individual connections of the various devices connected to the internet, able to avoid any type of interference. Once you have connected the router to the modem and enabled the internet connection, the configuration is simple because it automatically creates a Wi-Fi network between the router and the satellite.

In addition to ease of configuration, another point in favor of orbi is that is created a single network. In practice, the repeater will not create a second or third Wi-Fi network than the primary, with the risk that, for example, the iPhone steps from one to the other, losing the connection for a few seconds (which happens, instead, with other repeaters): you can download a movie on Netflix, to continue a Skype call or carry out any operation without any risk to switch from the connection the “primary” router to the repeater.

Orbi (router + satellite) is available on Amazon at a price of 359€, now on offer for 249€

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