Netgear Nighthawk X6S, the first extender tri-band for a super connection in the whole house


Published on Dec 29, 2017


With the many connected devices that are present today in most homes, from smartphones to tablets, passing to the console, smart TV, set-top boxes, and so on, it becomes essential to have an extender that can bring the highest possible speed in every point of the house. With its Nighthawk X6S EX8000, Netgear offers one of the best solutions on the market. And for those looking for high performance, Netgear provides the solution Orbi.

The Nighthawk represents the latest evolution of Netgear, a company that for years offers a line of accessories designed specifically for those who are looking for stable connections and fast and has been able to adapt to the growing demands of data coming from the various devices in the home. More and more providers offer high-speed connections and the extender of Netgear are designed to ensure the best performance in every corner of the house.

The problem of a large part of the extender is to integrate a dual-band. The extender dual-band, while covering parts of the house not reached to perfection by the modem, half the speed of the connection. If we use a single repeat, the device connected to the latter will sail at a speed equal to one-half of that provided by the modem. Even adding a second, repeat the speed will be halved further, going to affect the performance of our connection.

The devices of the line Nighthawk, instead, integrates a tri-band, which ensures the same speed of connection provided by the modem main, which clearly depends on the provider.

The Nighthawk X6S EX8000 provides technology FastLane3 patented by Netgear, able to maximize the WiFi signal to ensure a speed of up to 3 Gbps. This system is able to eliminate the shadow areas in the house, though large and multi-storey.

To understand the difference and the utility of this device based on the size of your home, let's take a few example.

A range extender classic Netgear can suffice in a house of small dimensions and with few connected devices, especially if placed in the center:

The solution Nighthawk Mesh is instead perfect for medium size homes with a high number of devices connected.

Finally, for the large houses and with a very high number of connected devices, the ideal solution is called Orbi, which we have already discussed in our review, and that will be discussed at a later time:

We can define the EX8000 is the most advanced extender WiFi tri-band (802.11 ac) on the market, thanks to the technologies integrated inside. First of all, this device includes a 5 GHz dedicated with a speed of 1.7 Gbps for the improvement of the Internet speed of the devices used. In addition, it can be connected to any WiFi router, a solution that is especially necessary in an era in which most of the routers are “offered” by the provider.

As mentioned just above, the technology FastLane 3 present on EX8000 allows you to have a WiFi connection dedicated to the router, so as to avoid the halving of the signal and the relative speed of the connection.

Looks very comfortable in this Nighthawk X6S is that it is possible to use the same name of the WiFi network, so that the iPhone or any other mobile device, you disconnect it from the modem and connect to the extender (or vice versa) when we move inside the house. In practice, this extender goes on to create a seamless network throughout the house, even if we move from one point to another with our smartphone, tablet or laptop.

To understand the difference, many other extender create a network name and WiFi SSID different from the router, thus leading to a disconnection and reconnection of the devices. Living in a two story house, I can guarantee that with the previous extender several times I ended up with the iPhone losing the connection to connect to the router and vice versa, while with this solution, the problem is completely solved.

For mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, Nighthawk X6S offers the functionality of Smart Roaming, which connects in an optimal way the mobile devices to the WiFi faster, optimizing the performance especially when streaming 4K or browsing on the internet, even if we move from one point to another in the house.

This model also integrates four Ethernet ports to which you can connect multiple wired devices such as game consoles or Smart TV. It is a kind of network hub very useful if we need a larger number of Ethernet sockets.

Exploiting the wired Ethernet connection, you can use this device to create an access point tri-band by association to your ISP modem already present in the house. All of this is very useful to expand the connection even in small offices.

Nighthawk X6S EX-8000 is one of the best extender I have ever tried, especially if you have a house of medium size, and the need to connect several devices to the internet. Useful the function of a single WiFi, thanks to which you will avoid annoying disconnections.

Also at the aesthetic level, this extender is really nice and it resembles the shape of a totem. May be required to view at home without problems, since the black color is elegant and minimal. Easy installation even for the less experienced. No problem of stability of the network.

Nighthawk X6S EX-8000 is available at the price of 179,99€, now for sale on Amazon.

For those who have to cover the homes even larger, for example up to 250 square metres, can opt for the model Orbi RBK40. The design of Orbi is something really exceptional for a router, so it almost looks like a vase or a piece of furniture. The system is composed by a router, and from the satellite, which is the extender. On the back of the two turrets, there are 4 ethernet ports, the sync button and a USB 2.0 port, in addition to the power button and the socket for the power supply. The only writing is that of the “orbi” message and the gray color on the front. The dimensions are 7.7 x 22.6 x 17 cm, 889 grams. Around there is no router more aesthetically pleasing.

Of course, the router manages the internet connection (if you connect it to any modem), with a repeater you can cover almost the entire house without any kind of problem or loss of signal, thanks to the use of a third channel that serves to manage the individual connections of the various devices connected to the internet, able to avoid any type of interference. Once you have connected the router to the modem and enabled the internet connection, the configuration is simple because it automatically creates a Wi-Fi network between the router and the satellite.

Also Orbi uses the Tri-Band (with the third network that is used exclusively to communicate with the router and the satellite), which ensures a propagation of an ideal internet connection throughout the house, is a greater power without any loss. And also in this case is created a single network. In practice, the repeater will not create a second or third Wi-Fi network than the primary, with the risk that, for example, the iPhone steps from one to the other, losing the connection for a few seconds.

Orbi is one of the best solutions router-repeater in the trade. The cost is certainly not low, but if you use the connection in the home on multiple devices, both for play and for work, the management of the satellite orbi is pretty much perfect. Let's not forget the ease of configuration and, especially, the wonderful design of this device, making it also perfect as a furnishing element.




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