Netflix's arrival in the docu-film " Enter the Souls


Published on Jul 19, 2019


On the 5th of August Netflix will propose to Enter the Souls, a documentary film about japanese animation with a duration of 58 minutes.

The film can boast the contribution of important figures of the industry of souls:

mr. Kozo Morishita of Toei Animation, is a director known for having directed the general of the first 73 episodes of the animated series Knights of the Zodiac, as well as executive producer of the remake targato Netflix Saint Seiya – Knights of the Zodiac and planner of the movie Dragon Ball Super – Broly;

ms. Yoko Takahashi, the performer of the opening theme cult Zankoku na Tenshi no These from the animated series Neon Genesis Evangelion;

the master Shinji Aramaki, mecha designer and director, known for Appleseed, Captain Harlock, 3D, and Ultraman;

master Kenji Kamiyama, writer and director, known for Eden of the East and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.

Remember that the sensei Aramaki and Kamiyama are currently working on the new series based on Ghost in the Shell, Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045, which will be distributed exclusively streaming on Netflix in 2020.

Enter the Anime is so described by Netflix Italy:

“Castlevania”, “Aggretsuko”, “Kengan Ashura”, “Rilakkuma and Kaoru”. In a word: anime. In this documentary various film directors reveal their secrets.

Netflix's arrival in the docu-film " Enter the Anime is




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