Netflix: revealed the rankings of the show 2017

Published on Dec 11, 2017

Netflix has recently unveiled the rankings of the shows that have most characterized the 2017, in Italy and at the global level, revealing which were the ones that we have “devoured”, “felt”, “looked at in the company” and that we “betrayed our partner vision” in this 2017, which is closing.

How many things we have learned in a year with Netflix! We understand that you must not be angry Eleven (Stranger Things), that we can not stay too much time away from the adventures of Pablo and the Medellin cartel (Narcos).

But we have also learned how difficult it can be at certain times to be a young queen Elizabeth to the government of a great Country (The Crown), that in the Rome of the Latin there is nothing more sacred, and nothing is as it seems.

The 2017 year was definitely full of learning .. and of binge watching! Users Netflix all over the world have in fact looked at content for more than 140 million hours a day (in case you were wondering, this means more than a billion hours a week).

You know that the day of streaming more popular all over the world is the 1 of January? In the vacation, and after the celebrations for the new year, ushers in the new year with a “comfort " binge” on Netflix!

A curiosity from overseas: did you know that Mexico is the country with the greatest number of users log in every day to watch TV series and movies? And not only that... every user of Netflix has seen over 60 movies in 2017.

Search for Netflix reveals the italians in 2017 they devoured the exciting stories of Fauda, Ungovernable, Slums and Shooter, and have tasted of the little comedies like You, Me, Her, Neo Yokio, Santa Clarita Diet, Big Mouth and A series of Unfortunate Events.

The research also reveals that users of the Bel paese have not resisted the TV series on Netflix and the resulting thriller, cheating on your partner in vision for the first episode of Better Call Saul, Black Mirror, the Suburra, and Narcos.

The show Netflix that otherwise have collected in 2017 on the couch at home friends and relatives have been Stranger Things, the gilmore girls: together again, Star Trek: Discovery and Call me Anna.

With regard to the speed of the speed of vision, wins Stranger Things hands down: with his second of the season, and in fact is the show most binge raced (seen in its entirety within 24 hours from the launch) of the year in our country; and when the day of streaming more popular in Italy in this 2017 is on Sunday, 29th October.

2017 is an important year for our Country, for the arrival of the first Italian television series by Netflix, the Suburra, and, as research reveals Netflix in fact, the stories of Aurelian, Rapier and other protagonists have fascinated italians but not only.

The Suburra, was among the show's most eaten in many european countries and overseas, including France, Germany, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Chile, and Mexico. A real marathon of vision made in Italy.

The show more... “devoured” (the Ones that have made us say: “come on, yet another episode, the only one I swear..” and then kept us glued the whole night in front of the tv until the end.)

The show more... “experienced” (Those that we took the time just to enjoy it little by little, episode after episode.)

The show that... “we were made to commit cheating” (a Show so good that we went ahead to see them without waiting for anyone or anything.)

The show...we looked at it together with friends and relatives (Show so intriguing to become a real “family affair”.)

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