Netflix launches interactive stories, and now the final the choose viewers

Published on Jun 21, 2017

Netflix launches interactive stories, with the possibility to choose the smaller end of the cartoons!

Reed Hastings, the Netflix CEO had already announced the arrival of Interactive Storytelling, but not expected with such a large advance!

They are real and their stories interactive: the children will have the opportunity to change the plot of their favorite cartoons, with the characters will make different decisions, and the various stories that could mingle among them.

The novelty will start from the start with The cat with the boots – Trapped in an epic story that is already available previously, but which will be rendered completely new, thanks to the addition of interactivity.

From 14 luuglio, instead, will arrive on the platform even Buddy Thunderstruck: the envelope of The maybe.

With the series interactive, it is not only change the ending: in every box there will be as many as 8 times in which the viewer will decide what will happen after, with the result of having different combinations between them. But be careful: you have only 16 seconds to make the choice!

But how to recognize this type of programs in a wide range of content?

Netflix has included the symbol of an open padlock, which will facilitate graphically the recognition of the interactive programs. Carla Fisher has explained the choice as follows:

It is a language that is recognizable by anyone to report that they have been unlocked extra content.

It took a good two and a half years to go from idea to facts. Netflix has asked for the cooperation of DreamWorks Animation Television, American Greetings, Entertainment and Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, but were also conducted numerous surveys to see if children could affect a similar solution:

We decided to start from the area of programming for children, because kids like to “play” with their favorite characters and already know how to touch the screen and slide. In addition, they turn to the video as if the characters could hear them.

Unfortunately, for now, the interactive stories will remain a prerogative of the cartoons, given that they are short and easy to implement.

A real shame, especially for fans of the TV series, and love to imagine alternative endings (and not only!). But let's give time to time!

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Source: Forbes

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