Netflix: Jeph Loeb and Vincent D'onofrio on the cancellation of the show


Published on Feb 19, 2019


Speaking with Deciders, Loeb said that he would not be surprised if the shows were raised in another channel in the future: “I would Not be surprised if one of those series riemergesse,” said Loeb. “Depends on the showrunner, depends on the availability of the cast, all of these things. It is not as if we were a show for the doctors when the show was cancelled due to ratings low”.


“These are shows that have very different reasons [to finish],” said the manufacturer. “The majority of which are not free to talk, or someone should really take care of them”.

In the meantime, has addressed a letter to the fans, the Marvel of the closures of Netflix:

“It had never been done before. Four television series separate, each with several talented showrunner, writers, directors, cast and crew, months apart, and then... you would meet in a unique event set in the heart of New York City. We called them The Defenders. And together we were excited by the stories of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and then The Punisher! They said they could not do.

But Marvel has brought together a team extraordinary to write, produce, direct, and perform 13 seasons and 148 episodes of an hour. Take a moment and go online and look at the fantastic list of actors, writers, directors and musicians who have honored us with the best of their craft. We loved every single minute of this. And we've done everything for you – the fans – that we were neighbors all over the world and it is worth it.

So thank you!

On behalf of all of us at Marvel Television, we could not be more proud or more grateful to our public. Our partners may have decided not to continue to tell the stories of these great characters ... but you know the Marvel universe better. As once said the father of Matthew Murdock, “The measure of a man is not the way that it is knocked to the mat, is the way in which it raises”.


– Jeph Loeb, and all of us at Marvel Television

It is assumed that the impending merger between Disney and Fox, and the introduction of Disney +, are the cause of the end of the relationship between the firm of Loeb and Netflix. Once closed, the long-awaited merger, Disney will then more than 60% of Hulu, a streaming platform that would be happy to continue the shows deleted, as it was already leaked some time ago, right voice for the management of Hulu.

A big reason why those @Marvel tv shows were so awesome&we were. Is because of a guy named #JeffLoeb who runs the tv branch of Marvel. Jeph&marvel were responsible putting together amazing show runners&with #LarayMayfield casting genius finding the talent it was indeed great.

— Vincent D'onofrio (@vincentdonofrio) April 18, 2019

Also Vincent D'onofrio, tied to a series of Daredevil, has not failed to tell her: “The true reason for which these television shows and the Marvel universe have been so fantastic and we were even us is a guy named Jeph Loeb who runs the TV division of Marvel,” said D'onofrio in a tweet. “Jeph and Marvel have been responsible for the union of great showrunner, and Laray Mayfield, a great cast of talent that was truly exceptional”.

Taken a few weeks back at the table read for our SERIES FINAL. I love these people to the moon and back. It has been a dream to play Jessica alongside my amazing cast and the best crew in the business for these past 5 years. I am so grateful for every second of it. We have THE BEST fans. You guys mean the world to me and I appreciate you beyond words. The final season of #JessicaJones is coming later this year and I am proud of how we complete JJ''s journey. I can't wait for you all to see it. Stay tuned and more to come. 💪🏻🖤 (Also my creator/ showrunner/ partner/ bff @melissa.rosenberg is totally wearing a #krystenknitter original ☺️☺️) @rachaelmaytaylor @ekadarville @carrieannemoss @netflix @marvelsjessicajones @marvel

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Also, Krysten Ritter has commented on the cancellation of his series: “ was a dream to interpret Jessica together with an extraordinary cast and the best team in the industry in the last 5 years, I'm really grateful for every second. We have the best fans. You guys are the world to me and I appreciate you beyond words. The season final of Jessica Jones will arrive later this year and are proud of how we will complete the journey of JJ. Now I can't wait you all to see it. Stay tuned for more.”

Netflix: Jeph Loeb and Vincent D'onofrio on the cancellation of the show




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