Netflix is a joke: say billboards!

Published on Sep 07, 2017

Some billboards seem to attack and deride Netflix, calling it a joke, a joke, or at least so it seems

In the last few days have popped up in New York and Los Angeles, huge billboards (the famous billboard american) bearing the black lettering on white background Netflix is a joke that means Netflix is a joke, a joke.

Who's behind this billboard???

— Claudia Eller (@Variety_Claudia) September 5, 2017

Anyone know what's up with these @netflix is a joke ads up in Hell's Kitchen in NYC?

— The Laugh Button (@thelaughbutton) September 5, 2017

The billboards, however, are not an attack and an attempt to mock the famous society of digital entertainment on the part of the competition but it is a campaign organized by Netflix to advertise the arrival on the streaming platform of a series of comedies as revealed by The Hollywood Reporter.

The unique marketing strategy, which, however, apparently seems to have not completely centered in the middle of the goals autoironici that the advertising had been projected, has, however, a certain sense, given that Netflix in the last few years has increased considerably the offer of stand-up comedy, become a point of reference for streaming this kind of content, especially after the california company Los Gatos has invested approximately $ 40 million for a special starring Chris Rock, overcoming not just the offer put on your plate by HBO for the same show.

What do you think of this unusual campaign? You are among the aficionados of the section comedy Netflix? Please let us know with a comment below!

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