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Published on Jul 21, 2019


On the occasion of the Comic-con International in San Diego Netflix has announced that it will broadcast the animated film of Sound & Fury around the world this Fall.

The animated film is based on a history of the Sturgill Simpson, the american singer-songwriter, country, winner of the Grammy award with the disc To Sailor's Guide to Earth, and will accompany the release of his next album — also called Sound & Fury.

The project is composed of a series of segments animated different, each accompanied by a song of the album.

Below is the official trailer:

Junpei Mizusaki (Batman Ninja) writes and oversees the film; the filmmakers ' main episodes, from the studio Kamikaze Douga founded by Mizusaki, are Takanobu Mizuno, Elsa Nakamichi, Hajime Sasaki, and Shinji Takagi.

Collaborate in the film such as the directors of the exception: Masaru Matsumoto of Grayscale Arts (Starship Troopers: Attack on Mars), Michael Arias (Tekkonkinkreet, Harmony), Henry Thurlow and Arthell Isom of Art Shtajio and Koji Morimoto (Animatrix, Memories, Robot Carnival).

The character design of Takashi Okazaki (Saint Seiya – Knights of the Zodiac, Afro Samurai), the animations are produced by STU Inc..

Netflix Anime, trailer Sound & Fury is




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