Netatmo launches the valves smart for the radiators


Published on Sep 01, 2017


Netatmo port in the european market the valves smart heater, that allow you to manage advanced home heating system, even from iPhone.

Valves Intelligent Radiators, available from oggianche in Italy, allow users to control the riscaldamentodella own casada remote and save up to 37% of energy, is that abbianoil heating that is centralized.

The Valves allow users to control their heating remotely, from room to room, since they can be installed in homes with central heating and in those with a centralized system. All those who live in apartments can now mount these advanced devices and enjoy practical solutions designed to save money. For example, the bath can be heated to 21°C only during the morning and for the rest of the day, when not in use, while the room of the parents may be kept, maintained stable at 16°C throughout the day and one of the guys set to 19°C from 5.00 in the afternoon on weekdays.

The installation is simple and fast: the user has only to replace the old thermostatic valve, by screwing, and mount the new one with one of the adapters provided.

In the context of the energy efficiency directive (EED), the Valves, Netatmo fornisconouna solution to the european with central heating in order to significantly reduce their energy consumption. These are the main features:

Valves Intelligent Radiators, Netatmo integrate with Apple's Homekit and allow users to control their heating with own voice. Users can simply ask Siri to change the temperature of some rooms of the house, improving the comfortsenza lift even a finger. Additionally, they can also create the programmipersonalizzati and connect piùdispositivi smart for crearediverse combinations.

Valves Intelligent Radiators, Netatmo is available from today at a price of 79,99€. The price to the public of the Starter Pack of the Valves Intelligent Radiators is 199,99€.

In the meantime, Netatmo lets us know that the security camera Presence and the Welcome are compatible with HomeKit. The system allows users to create custom scenarios by combining all the devices in the smart home to make them work together, controlling them directly from your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Thanks to Siri, users can also control their heating with own voice. An automatic update of the firmware will make it compatible with all the security cameras Netatmo with HomeKit, including those already purchased.


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