Netatmo introduces two new security products for HomeKit – CES 2017


Published on Jan 04, 2017


Netatmo has unveiled at CES in Las Vegas two new security products: Detector Intelligent Smoke and Security Alarm for the House.

If it detects smoke in the house, the Detector Intelligent Smoke, Netatmo will activate an alarm of 85dB and sends a notification in real time on the smartphone of the user, and indicate which room has been detected the smoke: “Smoke detected in the kitchen”. The user knows immediately if there is smoke in your own home. In this way, you can contact a neighbour or the fire brigade, to stop the spread of fire, or escape if it is in the house.

You can install as many Detectors as you want, and you can access it directly from the App Netatmo Security. Each Detector may be appointed on the basis of its location (“Detector Kitchen” or “Detector Room”, etc). The signal 85dB, if enabled, can be turned off manually or via the App.

The Detector Intelligent Smoke is powered by a battery lasting 10 years, which is equivalent to that recommended for smoke detectors. The long-life battery ensures reliable operation for 10 years, so there is no risk that is discharged when a fire breaks out. Before the device stops working, a notification is sent to the smartphone of the user remembering to change it.

Thanks to its function of self-control, moreover, the Detector performs continuous checks to make sure that everything is working correctly. Reports are sent weekly, which can be consulted via the App.

The Detector Intelligent Smoke, Netatmo is compatible with Apple's HomeKit, which allows you to connect a wide range of devices in the home to make them work together. The user controls the devices connected and can view your data through the App's “Home” on the locked screen of the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

With HomeKit, the user can also create custom scenarios to connect the Detector to other devices in the home smart. For example, it will be possible to connect the lighting for an intelligent Detector Intelligent Smoke. The lights will be on in the house if it will be detected a fire. The family will be notified and will be able to get out of the house quickly. The user can enable these scenarios with a simple gesture on the app Apple's “Home”.

The Detector is Intelligent is also compatible with IFTTT, a platform that allows the user to connect hundreds of services together. With IFTTT, the user connects the data from your Netatmo App Security – which controls the Detector to the Intelligent – with other devices, applications, and services, you can also program your own custom commands or combinations of actions called “Recipes” to automate and control various aspects of the connected home. For example, it can receive an emergency call in the event of a fire.

The Detector Intelligent Smoke is a wireless device and connects automatically to the Wi-Fi network at home via the App. The installation is fast and easy: the Detector only needs to be secured to the wall or ceiling, follow the installation recommendations are included in the package. In accordance with the relevant regulations, a red LED flashes with discretion every 10 seconds to demonstrate that the Detector Intelligent Smoke works correctly. If it detects smoke, the device begins to blink more quickly.

The Security Alarm for the House is an accessory of the Welcome, the security camera from inside with facial recognition, and is also connected to the Tag, the safety sensors waterproof for doors and windows.

The Alarm is activated automatically if the Welcome or the Tags they detect an intruder. An alarm of 110 dB. The user receives a specific notification in real time on their smartphones – as the Face of unknown detected” or “detected Motion to the garage door” – along with the video of the action, the movie-Welcome. Whether the user is in the house or not, the Security Alarm sounds when there is an intruder. It can also be triggered manually with a simple click using the smartphone.

The device also has a function of detecting tampering which recognizes the vibrations and the impacts. Sounds if an intruder tries to remove it or disable it. The parameters of the Alarm are fully customizable via the Netatmo App Security. The user can program the Alarm to activate when he is out, according to different criteria: for example, if Welcome sees an unknown face or a movement, or if the Tags detect that a port or a specific window has been opened. From the application you can also operate a series of audio messages, pre-recorded, such as “The police is coming”, to scare away any unwanted visitors.

The Safety Alarm is compatible with the service IFTTT. This allows the user to program custom rules to actions between their Netatmo App Security and other applications. For example, you may decide that the Alarm sounds if the system is connected to sensors for flooding detects a water leak.

The Security Alarm is easy and quick to configure: you connect to the Wi-Fi network through the App Security. Installed in the proximity of Welcome, communicates via Bluetooth Low Energy with the camera.

The device can be wired in or battery. The user can check the charge level of the battery from the App.

These two new accessories will be available in Italy before the summer.


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