Nest launches the new Cam's IQ for external compatible with iPhone


Published on Apr 10, 2018


Arrives in Italy the Nest Cam IQ, one of the best security camera for outdoors compatible perfectly with iOS devices.

The Nest Cam IQ is able to offer high-quality images, as well as smart feature that let users receive notifications on the iPhone only when there is a real danger. In fact, this camera doesn't just show what is happening, given that it is able to distinguish a person from a cat, and may send different alerts based on what is detected. When it detects the presence of a person, can send an alert on the iPhone by increasing the zoom automatically, and following the movements of the person framed, so that you know exactly what he's doing. If you activate a subscription Nest Aware (from € 5 per month), it also can receive custom alerts that notify if you encountered a friend or a family member, or an unknown person.

When Nest Cam IQ for external detects the presence of a person in its field of vision, and having established that this is not a pet or a shadow on the wall, you can send a special alert with a snapshot, specially enlarged.

Of course, the Nest Cam IQ is built with materials that protect it from rain, snow, wind and the occasional splashes of water during watering, thanks to the IP66 degree of protection. The power cord can be hidden to prevent tampering.

The Nest Cam IQ includes the function Supersight which allows you to zoom in up to 12x and get a better view of a specific area, for example the garden, thanks to the sensor 4K digital integrated, HDR and 1080p HD video. In addition, the camera can zoom in automatically and follow a person who walks in the garden, showing a frame to follow, with the first floor and a viewing angle of 130°. The function night Vision uses a series of infrared LEDS to illuminate uniformly the whole scene in low light conditions.

There is also a speaker, as well as the function of Speak and listen in HD allow you to keep any unwanted guests. When you speak through the app, the light ring of the Nest Cam IQ for external flashes to attract the attention of the unwanted guest.

Level of safety, thanks to standard 128-bit AES, with a secure connection TLS/SSL, the video is encrypted directly on the device, while two-step verification offers an extra layer of security to your account Nest. Additionally, the updates over-the-air, ensure that the camera is updated automatically.

Nest Cam can capture up to 2.6 million frames of high-definition every day, while the event History of the Nest Cam IQ for external uses algorithms that filter the information by identifying only the frames that are most relevant to show in a way that fast the entire history of the day and not miss an important detail. In addition, the camera can send alerts with a snapshot so you can always check what happened in case you missed a notice. In the app's Nest, it is possible to access a history of snapshots of the three hours.

Nest Cam IQ outdoor is available immediately at a cost of € 379. On the occasion of the launch of this new model, the previous and always excellent Nest Outdoor is available in offer a 149,99€.

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