Neon Genesis Evangelion: China is the largest statue of EVA-01


Published on Jan 07, 2017


At Shanghai, stands a majestic statue of one of the robots of the famous anime

For a mega robot that goes away, here is another mega robot that arrives.

We had spoken a long time ago, in this article, of the famous Gundam RX-78 in Odaiba (artificial island in Tokyo bay), the statue in front of the shopping center Aqua City, Diver that will be dismantled.

If we were forced to say goodbye to the Gundam, then we welcome you to a giant statue of the fighting machine multi-function EVA-01, one of the robot protagonists of Neon Genesis Evangelion, the famous anime created by studio Gainax and directed by Hideki Year.

The huge work, located in Shanghai on the occasion of the recent ChinaJoy Gaming Expo 2016, is the property of Studio Khara, founded their own Hideaki Year, director and animator of the same TV series. It was realized by Heitao Interactive, producer of the official video game for smartphones of Neon Genesis Evangelion, in collaboration with the Shanghai Character License Administrative Corporation.

The EVA-01 “chinese”, erected in a plastic combat pose, with spear of Longinus in hand, there is a high 24,8 metres and a width of 6. Measures from the guinness that make it the largest statue inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion exists in the world, it was registered officially in the Guinness book of world records. The event was also celebrated with a special ceremony held on January 3 this year in Shanghai.

Lately it is very fashionable to the motto: “China is near”, maybe even here in Italy sooner or later we will realize works as these. What do you think? Please let us know with a comment below.

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