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Published on Apr 07, 2020


A bit of Scott Pilgrim, a little bit to The End of f***ing World, a bit The Warriors. Neon Brothers " is the comic book that Alice Berti has published for the Bao Publishing. It is a story that tries to tell the generation Z, playing between realism and dystopia.

The protagonist of the comic is the twenty-year-old Nikolai who, in search of a goal in life, is illuminated along its path from a very young Wakaba. The girl takes him inside of a group of guys ready to form a band.

Nikolaj, Wakaba, Lavender, Murray and Dom will form the Neon Brothers. They will live adventures and fighting inside of a London post-Brexit. A story of generational clashes, friendships, and struggle to assert themselves.

The young Alice Berti a comic that expresses what is the basic concept of the Z generation: to live without certainty, with the lack of optimism, and have a great unique thing to which they can trust, or friendship.

The Neon Brothers are an interesting group, that expresses personality a little bit realistic, a bit cartoonesche (almost with the reflections from the manga characters). And this is both a merit and a flaw of the comic book.

The idea of telling a story able to focus on the Generation Z is being taken forward by the young cartoonist in a sometimes brilliant, and in other cases a little less focus. Neon Brothers looking to be in some points, a sort of Scott Pilgrim, in the other something a bit more realistic and concrete.

The end result is a good test, but it is not to be put totally out of focus. The idea of offering the characters a bit realistic and a bit cartooneschi fails to make fully three-dimensional some character.

Nikolai is the emblem of the character's realistic Neon Brothers, while Wakaba is the emblem of the character cartoonish. These two souls of history continue to live in the Neon Brothers not being able to find accurate balance.

Alice Berti instead tries to level the graph of pour out all the visual aspect of the comics on the cartoon, by proposing a solution that mixes traits of westerners to a small recall of the east. The whole thing works for the context described, even if not conquer it totally.

Neon Brothers is an interesting proof of authorship. The voice of a young cartoonist who tries to tell a piece of his generation, in which you can reflect many twenty-somethings, and not only.

The idea of telling a piece of the uncertainty of youth these days is narrative material, very tasty. Everything in the hands of young artists can bring out so much feeling and soul, and maybe even some imperfection.

Neon Brothers is all of that. A story with a more precise focus would become a small hymn generational, but that you can still consider a good product comics.

Of stories of the soul, and to desire to talk about the reality that surrounds us, trying to reverse-engineering, there is such a need. And the entries of this last generation, that is living on your own skin the difficulties of a world that is fragile and unpredictable, they are perhaps best-suited to embody the spirit of the time, putting it at the center of a narrative.

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