Neil Blomkamp talks about the sequel of District 9, giving the farewell to Alien 5...

Published on Jun 04, 2017

Neil Blomkamp talks about his regret for the closure of Alien 5, opening, however, the doors to the long-awaited sequel to District 9

On the occasion of a long interview with The Verge, Neil Blomkamp has said sorry for the death of the project of Alien 5, on which, the director, he revealed to have worked for a very long time:

“I think that Alien 5 is completely dead, yes. It is a fact at this point. And it is very sad. I spent so much time working on this project, and I felt that it would have been really incredible. But things went differently... and also for how they are going now, “politically”, I can just say that the movie will see the light.”

The “politically”, as explained by Blomkamp, is related to the decisions of Fox, which owns the rights to the Franchise:

“Yes, I am referring to the policies of the study. Ridley Scott has always been one of my idols. Is a director full of talent and has made this movie (Alien) that is able to truly affect what I wanted to do as a director. I just wanted to respect what he created with this universe. I think that if circumstances had been different, and if I had not perceived that I was approaching too much of something with which Ridley, of course, felt personally connected, things would have gone differently. But I wanted to be as respectful and faithful as possible to the original material.”

Stored Alien 5, during the interview he was asked if his new project, the Oats Studios, announced just a few days ago, will be the sequel of his works, such as District 9, Elysium and Humandroid:

“No, probably not. To do this, we should collaborate with the studios that hold the rights to those films. We want to be autonomous and do what we want. I will do another film set in the world of District 9. I will be back to work with the WETA and it will be nice but all of the projects pre-existing as District 9 are not suitable for what we want to do here.”

In short, the desire to make a sequel to District 9 there is... is missing but everything else at the moment.

Source: The Verge

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