NCAA Preview 2019: ACC – Atlantic Division


Published on Aug 10, 2019


So, like last year, in addition to the preview of the teams in the NFL we also offer those of the major conference NCAA. The sixth episode dedicated to the ACC, more precisely in the Atlantic Division of the Conference (here the Cosatal Division)

For each College in the ACC – Atlantic Division, we indicate the ranking of the preseason (Athlon Sports), Head Coach, record of the year 2018, the most interesting matches, strengths and weaknesses, analysis of attack, defense, and the best prospects.

Preseason ranking: 2

Head Coach: Dabo Swinney (12th season; 116-30)

Record 2018: 15-0 (National Champions)

Match not to be missed: Texas A&M (7 September); Florida State (October 12); at South Carolina (30 November)

Strengths: where To start? Culture. Clemson has the best sports culture in all of college football, no doubt about it. The results of this feature are manifold – and it's all positive: the coaching staff virtually intact for years now (unlike the rest of the nation where the coaching carousel is passed from the carousel to the roller coaster in the last few years); the junior who reject the NFL – and lots of money – to be the last year in South Carolina, and – last but not least – sports results. Anyone like Clemson (and Alabama) in the last 10 years. Ah yes, and then there is Trevor Lawrence.

Weaknesses: We're in the middle of the haystack to search for a needle. In view of the departure to the NFL and graduation of practically the entire front 7 holder, will be the task of Venables getting ready the new starters but the quality of the recruiting and the – consequent - depth of the roster can not help but think that the generational change that will stand the comparison with its predecessors.

Attack: Trevor Lawrence is a QB generational, as demonstrated in his first year and will continue to do so for the rest of his career at Clemson (or the next two years). To assist a bests Heisman candidate as Travis Etienne Jr., the RB holder and a unit of WR that is considered – and probably is – the best of the nation: Tee Higgins, and Justyn Ross is very similar to two future 1st choices. The online offensive is full of talent and very deep, on all the RG Gage Cervenka Sr, a freak athletic and Jackson Carman as LT.

Defense: The DC Brett Venables is one of the many assistants of Dabo that – nowadays – could be a head coach elsewhere to be at least 4 years. Said of the defensive line and his generational replacement (watch for sophomore DE Xavier, Thomas and freshmen DE KJ Henry), the body of the LB is led by Isaiah Simmons, who can also play safety and nickelback. The secondary is impressive, on all AJ Terrell, grown year-on-year after being a top recruit and Derion Kendrick, a former wide receiver who seems to have found its size after the change of role. The pair of safety K von Wallace, and Tanner Muse, both senior opposite to the season of the consecration.

Prospects: Seriously, you mean to say who is not, particularly among the owners. If the trend of being able to retain the junior for the last year remains intact, with the season 2020 it could be very similar to that of the past, where Clemson has found a few hurdles, final included. Speaking of the 2019 senior the most interesting: are Cervenka for the offensive line and the two safety Wallace, and Muse.

Preseason ranking: 33

Head Coach: Willie Taggart (2nd season; 5-7)

Record 2018: 5-7

Match not to be missed: Miami (November 2); at Florida (November 30)

Strengths: Talent. When you hire for several years at the level of teams like Florida State, your last problem is the talent in all the roles of the team, the defence – perhaps a little more – and attack – maybe a little less. The edition 2018 of the Seminoles, is the photograph of what happens when all this talent is poorly exploited – or not exploited – by a coaching staff is not exempt from sins, but that, on the basis of this, it should do better in 2019.

Weaknesses: The line offensive. A disaster in 2018, does not seem to have yet found a balance in this department, also, why the sole proprietor in all the matches of the last season – the center Alec Eberle – they will transfer to another university. It will be crucial for Taggart to avoid another 2018 from all points of view, but especially with regard to the performance of his line in the offensive.

Attack: To resolve the urgent problem in attack, Willie Taggart has abandoned the play calling in favor of the new OC and art son, Kendal Briles. He had torn it away to Houston, and the competition (it is rumored to have refused, some offered as a HC) is the real coup of the offseason for the Seminoles mainly for two reasons: Briles is a genius of the attack and, furthermore, it brings a decent OL coach as Randy Clements. In the role of QB, we find James Blackman that should be the QB1 more for the demerits of Taggart management (Francois and recruiting) that by his own hands, but be careful: do not sin certainly talented. Behind him, the transfer from Wisconsin's Alex Hornibrook will attempt to remove the place holder. Skill positions definitely talented with the RB Cam Akers, the WR Tamorrion Terry and DJ Matthews, and TE Three McKitty on all.

Defense: The backbone of the defense is honestly awesome. Marvin Wilson on the defensive line, Hamsah Nasirldeen and Jaiden Lars-Woodbey interchangeable in the role of a linebacker/safety, represent a luxury almost impossible to waste. To make the contour of a unit to play cornerback and profound: Levonta Taylor and Stanford Samuels III is scheduled to start owners but attention to the art son, Asante Samuel, Jr, a sophomore, maybe a little undersized but with unlimited potential.

Prospects: Not to miss – ever – quality NFL on the roster of Florida State. Marvin Wilson is perhaps the player who is the most interesting from this point of view. Besides him, the play cornerback Levonta Taylor is back for his senior year despite having a few chances to be chosen already in the previous Draft and expect great things from RB Cam Akers in the new attack designed by Kendal Briles.

Preseason ranking: 21

Head Coach: Dino Babers (4th season; 18-19)

Record 2018: 10-3

Match not to be missed: Clemson (14 September), at Florida State (26 October)

Strengths: The duo of defensive ends – Alton Robinson and Kendall Coleman – is among the best in the nation (20 sacks and 29 TFL in a pair, in 2018). The fact that they made it back to Syracuse after the great season last year, says a lot about the degree of confidence that this team has in Dino Babers, and the direction the program is going.

Weaknesses: Replacing a QB as strong and tough as Eric temperature that day will not be easy. Temperature that day, and reflected very well the spirit of the team and for that he was a leader and inspiration. The strength of this QB in the attack of Babers of the world's season was definitely the ability to be able to run without problems, in view of the mole (like Tebow to some extent). With DeVito – the successor – the Orange will miss this aspect and will be forced to focus more on the steps than on the rides.

Attack: The attack of Syracuse is always going to “gush”, so much so that the numbers are not excellent and about an attack all too often inefficient. The RB will be call to substitute in the numbers and the races of the temperature that day-a feat easier said than done. Remains unchanged, instead, the depth chart of the WR who lose “only” the best WR, but they do have pretty much all the others (attention to Sean Riley and Nykeim Johnson).

Defence: Said of the defensive line, the department of the LB is that it leaves more to be desired with the three holders of 2018 who have completed their collegiate career. You will start again from senior Andrew Armstrong who – until now – has done numbers only in the special teams. The secondary however is really as a point of reference of the department, Chris Fredrick, who is three years of ownership is absolute in the defense of Syracuse. Andre Cisco, it was a revelation last year, All-ACC first team and 7 interceptions), the leap is around the corner for this guy in the second year.

Prospects: To follow – and also very carefully – the two DE, Alton Robinson and Kendall Coleman.

Preseason ranking: 81

Head Coach: Scott Satterfield (1st season, 0-0)

Record 2018: 2-10

Match not to be missed: Boston College (5 October); at Wake Forest (12 October)

Strengths: The transition from the era of the Petrine – finished badly – to the era Satterfield has brought a breath of fresh air. The problems which have struck the athletic department of Cardinals (that would be Pitino-gate) have forced the new leaders to start from scratch and this really is reason for hope, but maybe not immediately. What he has done Satterfield at Appalachian State is -to all effects - a masterpiece of sports management difficult to replicate.

Weak points: If the season 2018 was indicative for the future, we should say: ALL. Louisville has failed to pass, run and defend




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