Nba Finals, LeBron James is a legend

Published on Jun 20, 2016

He won in Cleveland, he won LeBron James. Moving on as no-one had ever done in the Finals after being finished under 3-1. It happened thanks to two victories on the field of the Golden State Warriors without Draymond Green, in a sort of sanctuary impregnable to anyone. The wall was broken through in the two most important matches of the year by the Cavaliers, a franchise in a city that has not won a title in the u.s. in the sport of more than 53 years.

The merits? Especially James, unanimously voted the finals MVP with numbers that monstrous, and a leadership that often has not been recognized until the end. This title – the main reason for which was back in Ohio – it is his and the projects in the legend. Not only for the percentages to scream with which it closes the series (29.7 points, 11.3 rebounds, 8.9 assists, 2.6 recoveries and 2.3 blks), but also for the three games that have rocked a final that seemed destined to end with the fifth defeat in a step from the ring to the Chosen one. Instead, he slipped 40 points in game-5, was passed with 41 in the match of the tie and went back to the house of Steph Curry has put together a triple-double scary. Twenty-seven points, 11 rebounds and as many assists to which he added a block by rubbing your eyes on Igoudala to 100 seconds from the finish when the score said 89 equal.

From the other hand, to disappoint it was just Curry, the best of the season, which has toppato a few games in key moments, and appeared nervous in the games, hot. So the dream of the second consecutive title of the Warriors crashed on the physicality and the anger of James after the domain that lasted for 8 long months and closed with 73 wins and 9 losses, numbers which had not arrived, not even the Bulls of Michael Jordan. LeBron then goes into the history, together with the trust captains Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, and also thanks to some questionable choices of coach Kerr. The coach of the Golden State has been criticized for the candidates are granted to Ezeli in game 7, both in the opening game than during the warmer. LeBron makes a feast, and leads Cleveland on the roof of the world. The Ohio is at his feet. The haters should be silenced, at least for a while. Even looking at his photo with the Larry O'brien trophy winners, who so much resembles that of MJ after winning his first title. Notice to the comparisons, but by Monday night in the hall there is also James. Unquestionably.


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