NBA 2K Mobile: the game of basketball with graphics from the console shown at the Apple event


Published on Nov 19, 2018


Among the games shown at the event the iPad Pro in October, held in New York there was also an updated version of the NBA 2K Mobile. The renewed title, chosen to show the capabilities of the new tablet handle games with graphics worthy of consoles, is now available for free on the App Store.

The company has worked hard to bring on smartphone and tablet, the graphics quality of the console. The goal has been achieved with the latest version of the NBA 2K Mobile, a title even more handsome on the new iPad Pro with a processor A12X Bionic.

Our team has worked for years to reach the level of quality of our counterparties for the console, and we are excited by the idea to offer this new level of quality to the lovers of basketball, and gaming on mobile devices.

Players can challenge other users in a party of 5 against 5, by using more than 400 basketball players of the teams in the NBA. The controls are of course touch, but absolutely user-friendly, to ensure a unique gaming experience.

It is not clear if only the new iPad Pro-will enjoy the advantages of the “graphics quality from the console” or if it will be a novelty extended to all the supported devices. The game is available for the iPhone 6s and later models, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, or iPad mini 4 and later models.

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