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Published on Aug 30, 2019


With the melancholy of the end of the summer which comes to the surface, even among comics fans, here's Sergio Bonelli Editore has found the best way to accompany the readers, even in this particular period of the season.

Nathan Never. The last wave and other stories is a collection focusing on a variety of genres, but with a story that gives the title to the volume, able to evoke precisely the atmosphere of melancholy of the end of the summer, and a positive period and unrepeatable experience of life.

The collection opens with “Operation Dragon“, the story in the middle between the films of Bruce Lee and James Bond. At the base of the plot there is the attempt of Nathan's to recover from dangerous bacteria, which can put your health at risk, global and who are in the hands of the dangerous Athos Than. The latter lives on Dragon Island, the place in which organizes martial arts tournaments.

The second story in the comic books offered in the collection is “Heart of Darkness“, the story of which is depicted in a masterpiece of literature which is the work of Joseph Conrad that inspired the cult film Apocalypse Now. In this story, the goal of Nathan Never is to retrieve the professor Korzeniowsky, an expert on infectious diseases sent in the Margin to study the secret of a people, immune to the infection that is ravaging the world.

The last story is the one that gives the title to the volume: “The last wave“, recalls another cult film which is A Wednesday, a history of training rather nostalgic. The same kind of feelings are evoked in this story in which Nathan Never meet again Randy, an old friend of the times at the academy, with whom he shared many passions, including one for the surf.

The narrative quality of these histories of Nathan Never is rather high. Bepi Vigna has also been seen playing with the quoting, inserting, inside of a plot intriguing with Nathan Never is the protagonist, elements from literature and film. Each story highlights a facet of the character: from the approach, the adventurous and cocky proposed in “Operation Dragon“, to the melancholy and reflection evoked in “The last wave”.

Bepi Vigna is able to manage well the rhythm of the stories, alternating between action and introspection of the characters. While the designs of Stefano Casini is inspired by the style of Frank Miller, which reached its climax in the Eighties with The Return of the Dark Knight, and that is consecrated in the black-and-white from the opera Sin City.

The style milleriano Casini fits well to the atmosphere of the sci-fi action, Nathan Never, and offering visual solutions very different from those traditionally proposed by the comics of Sergio Bonelli. Also, the approach to the cage of the vignette is less bonelliano, and more stylized, suitable to create dynamism and fascinate the reader.

Those who want to read the fine comic-strip stories with plenty of action and a footprint of gender marked, this volume of Nathan's will not be able to satisfy the readers. Also for those who wish to discover for the first time the character in The last wave and other stories find the coordinates of the base that have made the investigator of the Alfa agency, one of the most important characters in the SBE.


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