Natalia Cattelani is live on the breakfast cookies, the recipe for all


Published on Mar 18, 2020


Sweet and always attentive to his fans Natalia Cattelani has suggested the recipe of biscuits for breakfast, biscuits to olive oil, and white version version cocoa. We are all at home and the sweet recipes by Natalia Cattelani can not miss, also because tomorrow is father's day, and so we can take care of them. The teacher in the kitchen of Sassuolo gave us the recipe for the biscuits and white chocolate with one of its direct social, cookies that can last more than a month closed. Assisted by her daughter Chiara has delighted us, but he also kept the company, as always, at 14:30. Of course we will have everyone in the house in this period you need to make these cookies, and if we don't have we can replace some of the ingredients, as suggested in the preparation. Here is the recipe of the biscuits of Natalia Cattelani that thank always.

Ingredients biscuits to olive oil: 250 g of flour 1, 60 g of extra virgin olive oil, 1 egg, 100 g sugar, 2 teaspoons of baking powder, 4 tablespoons milk, lemon peel – For the variant to cocoa: 230 g flour + 20 g of bitter cocoa and the rest is equal – in Addition, granulated sugar, chopped hazelnuts

Preparation: in bowl pour the flour, the sugar, the whole egg, mix with a fork, beating in a little of the egg to the center of the flour. Add the grated lemon rind or even lime, as is Natalia because he has not found the lemon. Add the extra virgin olive oil, it is not important if we have the one from the strong taste. We combine the yeast cake. If we want to, we can replace the ' 0 ' flour with the one we have in the house, if we want we can replace the granulated sugar with brown sugar, if we want we can replace the olive oil with the seed oil.

Combine the milk but it goes well the water or even orange juice, we work now the dough with the hand. To do so the mixture of white to wrap up in the film.

Let the dough in the cocoa that do the same but replace 20 grams of flour 20 g cocoa powder, sifted.

We take the dough and white let's start with rolls, long, black and white, we can make the donuts a single color, we can do the hugs, combining a roll of white and one black. We can do the pigtails or the other. We can complete it with the granulated sugar or chopped nuts, or without adding anything else. We have on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper at 180 degrees for 15 minutes vented and we can also put two baking trays, but if a static oven one baking sheet at a time in cooking.

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