Naruto: the images of the new theme park in Japan


Published on Sep 06, 2019


Naruto has finished his run in the comics some time ago, but the character is still in the hearts of many. Naruto of the rest continues on his adventures through the sequel as Boruto and then new fans are added each week. In Japan, the series is thriving, as usual, as evidenced by the photos below on the brand new amusement park themed Naruto, that recreates some of the locations for the most iconic of the anime.

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— Cheyenne Katsuki ✈️ Japan (@CheyenneYoutube) September 4, 2019

On Twitter, the user Cheyenne Katsuki has published a series of photos from the brand-new park to Naruto. As you can see, the photos of the fans see it pose with some statues very detailed. Also the Memorial of the Hokage, one of the most recognizable in the world of Naruto, is carved in the stone and the aspect of the “old” makes it very realistic.

For those who are interested in the theme park, this was opened at the beginning of this year. Fuji-Q Highland opened the park in July in honor of Naruto and its sequel ' Boruto. The park cost almost $ 11 million dollars and has a variety of attractions. There are dozens of areas of the photo such as the one found by Katsuki, but there are also indoor games-based tools the ninja, and more.

Instead, if you want to read it, the manga of Masashi Kishimoto and his is published in Italy by Planet Manga.

Naruto: the images of the new theme park in Japan is




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