Narcos 4: Netflix released the first teaser trailer!

Published on Dec 19, 2017

Soy el fuego que arde tu piel,
Soy el agua que mata tu sed,
El castillo, the tower yo soy,
The espada que guarda el caudal...

The now unmistakable notes of Tuyo, the song of the singer-songwriter Rodrigo Amarante as well as the mark of opening of the acclaimed TV series, opened the first teaser trailer of Narcos 4 just released by Netflix.

The video lingers, with a musical rhythm faster than that of the traditional opening of the show, on of the shots of a complex mariachi (typical musical groups / mexican/south american) and their instruments, while they appear the names of the actors from the fourth season: Diego Luna and Michael Peña.

You can see it here below:

The production of Drug 4 took place recently in Mexico City, with the new season saw a change of location moving from Colombia to Mexico.

Waiting for the year 2018, the original TV series on Netflix is produced by Gaumont Television with José Padilha, Eric Newman, Doug Miro, and Carlo Bernard in the role of executive producers.

Source: Youtube

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