Narcos 4: Cristiano Malgioglio in the cast of the TV series?

Published on Dec 23, 2017

After the first brief teaser trailer released a few days ago, Narcos is again to speak of himself with a piece of news which directly affects Italy. Second, when revealed by the weekly Spy, the singer and songwriter Cristiano Malgioglio you might have a part in the next season of the original TV series Netflix.

Apparently the manufacturers of the Drug (particularly the director) would have noticed Malgioglio through the video of the song “I'm in love with your husband“, the song that has accompanied the recent participation of the lyricist siciliano-Big Brother VIP, whose video has garnered nine million views. The production of the Drug would be very impressed by the figure of the Italian artist, so as to require them to be subjected to an audition.

Malgioglio seems to have already accepted the request and, after Christmas, will be in Los Angeles to meet with the director and producers of the show. The lyrics for the Italian is a well-known name in the musical landscape of the american south, which has always shown to appreciate his artistic vein. Malgioglio in his kaleidoscopic career, he has written songs for major artists in the Italian music scene, although in the past became famous for his participation in television shows as a commentator, also becoming the protagonist of some hilarious imitations and gags.

The production of Drug 4 took place recently in Mexico City, with the new season saw a change of location moving from Colombia to Mexico.

Waiting for the year 2018, the original TV series on Netflix is produced by Gaumont Television with José Padilha, Eric Newman, Doug Miro, and Carlo Bernard in the role of executive producers. After this amazing news we just have to wait and find out if the name of Cristiano Malgioglio will join the cast, and, above all, who knows which role!

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