Napoli Comicon 2020: exhibition for Moebius, and Azumi Inoue live


Published on Feb 28, 2020


After the announcement that Davide Toffolo Magister edition 2020, COMICON unveils the first news of this year: Bastien Vivès, cartoonist French awarded at the Festival of comics of Angoulême, and author of the graphic novel such as The taste of chlorine and Polina, is the author of the manifesto of the COMICON 2020; the National Archaeological Museum of Naples comes the largest exhibition ever held in Italy dedicated to one of the cartoonists and illustrators of the most important of all time: MOEBIUS – The research of the time; Azumi Inoue the interpreter of the symbols of the cinematic masterpieces signed by Studio Ghibli, Laputa. Castle in the sky, my neighbor Totoro and Kiki. Home deliveries, will sing in concert at COMICON.


The class of 1984, Bastien Vivès is among the talents of the comic book French the most awarded and translated in the last decade. She made her debut in 2007 with Between two hearts and with The taste of chlorine, which was released in 2008, won the revelation Award at the comic Festival of Angoulême (2009) and the Premio Micheluzzi for COMICON for the best comic stranger (2010). The binding of Vivès with COMICON goes back to 2009 with Naples. Sguardi d'autore, an anthology comic in which he scored one of the reportage inspired by the project of artist residencies curated by COMICON with Dargaud and Tunué.

With the manifesto of COMICON 2020 Bastien Vivès, emphasis is on the historical period in which we live, an age of entertainment: "I Wanted to get something terrifying: the playfulness taken to the extreme, the experience of the forbidden... so The idea that today's pop culture, series, the video games have sucked several generations (including my own). We live in a golden age for entertainment, a time marked by an excitement continues, thrust is always to the maximum," explains Bastien Vivès – "And while I thought of these things, I was reminded of god, the man, the woman, the nature... I mixed everything and I saw this: a god of the pop culture that with a big smile is ready to vampirize two new human beings and to provide them with another, intense experience."

Among his works Polina is the one that makes it known to the public at large, wins the Grand Prix de la Critique ACBD assigned by the French press and made into a film directed by Angelin Preljocaj; Lastman (created together with the duo Balak and Michaël Sanlaville), “manga French” awarded also at the festival of Angoulême, became a video game and an animated series aired by France 4, and Netflix; A sister, love story between teenagers who obtained a further success of the critics and the public, is about to become a movie directed by actress and model Charlotte Le Bon.

THE EXHIBITION MOEBIUS – The research of the time

From 30 April to 7 September 2020, the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, comes MOEBIUS – The research of the time, the largest exhibition in Italy dedicated to Moebius (Jean Henri Gaston Giraud 1938 – 2012), one of the most important cartoonists and illustrators of all time, the greatest exponent of the Ninth art in French and is the author of visionary works notes and translated all over the world such as Blueberry, "Arzach", The airtight garage or The room thermostat rt. The exhibition celebrates the art of Moebius, but also his special relationship with Italy and with Naples, the city protagonist of the comic strip stories See Naples and Die and then see Naples: "it Is strange, every time I work on a story with Napoli is not a problem: everything goes smoothly. Naples has something that fascinates me, and that I am always in a special way..." (Moebius, Mourir et Voir Naples, Paris 2000). The exhibition will immerse visitors in the imaginary universe of Moebius through comics, sketches, paintings, watercolours, reproductions and Augmented Reality, photographs, books and magazines.

The exhibition is organized by COMICON, under the artistic direction of Moebius Production, is included in the scope of the project OBVIA (Out Of the Boundaries Viral Art Dissemination), University of Naples Federico II for the MANN and is sponsored by the Campania Region, the Municipality of Naples and the Institut Français.


Note he also played in 1983, the opening of the closing of masterpiece from Studio Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaki, Laputa. Castle in the sky Azumi Inoue has also sung in the movie my neighbor Totoro, Kiki. Home deliveries, for the Studio Ghibli, and in the soundtracks of the series Guyver – The BioBoosted Armor, and for the series of the wizard Yadamon. Azumi Inoue will perform in the concert, live at COMICON.

Azumi Inoue sing on the YAMAHA MUSIC STAGE, the main stage of COMICON, which this year will be sponsored by YAMAHA, the legendary brand for two-wheel vehicles, for marine engines, but also for musical instruments. The YAMAHA MUSIC STAGE competitions are held and typical activities of the festival, will perform as guests of COMICON and some of the emerging groups selected within the framework of YAMAHA music schools. YAMAHA, the sponsor of COMICON, will also be present with a stand full of innovations and products that will be announced in the coming weeks.

Napoli Comicon 2020: exhibition for Moebius, and Azumi Inoue live is




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