Napoli Comicon 2019: the winners of the Prizes Micheluzzi and Awards Comicon


Published on Apr 29, 2019


The Jury that chose the winner of each category is composed by the artist Cinzia Ghigliano, the singer Colapesce, the writer Fabio Genovesi, by the journalist Alessandro Beretta and the actress Valentina Lodovini.

Here you will find the winners of each category:

AWARD NEW ROADS 2019: Eliana Tamburini

SPECIAL PRIZE " TO the CAREER: Giovanni Ticci

Best comic book: Super-Relaxation, Dr. Pira (Coconino Press/Fandango)

Best Screenplay: The future is a disease, a dark, dr. Zurich, Alessandro Lise e Alberto Beds (Yellow Beak)

Best Drawing: Sandwich, Paolo Bacilieri (Heatwave)

Best Italian Series: Mercury Loi, Alessandro Bilotta, and AA.VV. (Sergio Bonelli Editore)

Best First Work: Novel explicit, Fumettibrutti (Feltrinelli Comics)

Best Edition of a Classic: a young, mediocre, Gérard Lauzier, translation of Boris Battle (Rizzoli Lizard)

Best Graphic Novel the outsider: my favorite thing are the monsters, Emil Ferris, the translation of Michele Foschini (Bao Publishing)

Best Series Foreign: Berlin vol. 3, Jason Lutes, translation of Valerio Stivè (Coconino Press/Fandango)

Young Readings: Ariol vols.1-2, Emmanuel Guibert and Marc Boutavant, the translation of Caterina Ramonda (Yellow Beak)

Napoli Comicon 2019: the winners of the Prizes Micheluzzi and Awards Comicon is




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