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Published on Mar 09, 2019


Who was Napoleon, one of the most talked about personalities and complex history? It is explained by Pascal Davoz with this volume of Historical Biographies, which features the first chapter of an intriguing mini-series designed by Jan Torton!

The necklace is of Historical Biographies presents comics that focus on important figures of history, made by various authors of the French-speaking, have availed themselves of the advice of professors and famous historical. Although this is an interesting initiative, so far, I have almost always read works that were too schematic. This is because the lives of many famous men has often been complex and articulated and it is difficult to narrate it in detail in the context of a special episode.

It is not, however, in the case of this book, dedicated to the controversial figure of Napoleon. The book includes the first issue of a miniseries in three parts, written by the talented Pascal Davoz. The idea was to Jacques Martin, the undisputed champion of the comic French historian, and the story starts from the childhood of Napoleon. This choice is acceptable, since the existence of Bonaparte, was full of events and only with a miniseries, you can avoid the superficiality.

In this first chapter, then, Davoz, introduces us to Napoleon, a child course that is sent by the parents at the college. Has a strong personality, is intelligent and soon manages to gain the favor and the sympathy of classmates and teachers. Follow him, then during the adolescence and early youth. The study and military capabilities make it a superior person to his contemporaries, and all are enchanted and subdued by his charisma.

Davoz not avoid to highlight the courage but also the great ambition of Napoleon, who will drive him later to leave an indelible mark in history. The delineation of the psychology of the protagonist is flawless, but the author does not neglect the historical aspect. Describes skillfully the atmosphere of the revolutionary and that the soul of France and its people, and we can say that every incident of Napoleon is in some way caused by the events national.

Davoz does a good job and writes the lyrics and dialogues to be effective even if the pace of the plot is rather slow and, at times, there is an excessive use of captions that can weigh down the reading. On the whole, however, the work is without a doubt valid, because in it there is the excellent Jan Torton. The penciler has a style that is natural and detailed, very elegant and not devoid of sophistication. The depiction of the landscapes, the architecture, the uniforms and the clothing is rich in detail and atmosphere of the era is made with skill. The colors are of the same Torton that focuses on the delicate nuances and subtle that they refer to certain artistic results of art of the eighteenth century.

Overall, this first chapter of Napoleon is of a good standard and will appeal to fans of historical comic and to those who appreciate the productions of the bd. For you to try.


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