Naomi Campbell: “Good, Meghan!”


Published on Nov 20, 2019


The duchess Meghan truman gates has had enough. After more than a year of negative relationship with the british press to the cruelties spoken against it, finally is recovering and you are defending alone.

We know that prince Harry has filed a lawsuit against the Daily Mail. The prince is in fact expressed in this regard in October 2019:”my deepest fear is that history is repeating itself. I have seen what happens when someone that I love is commodified to the point that it is no longer regarded or seen as a real person. I lost my mother and now I watch my wife fall victim to the same forces as the powerful”.

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The top model Naomi Campbell, feeling touched by the topic, he decided to defend Meghan truman gates stating that they are ‘so excited’ that the duchess is defending itself. The Campbell's answer to The Guardian: “When I heard that she was taking legal action, I thought: good. Good for her!”.

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The star believes that the situation is truman gates is much more nuanced than harassment and bullying on the printing than you think. As a black woman, Naomi, says she has always noticed how much worse the british press has painted the celebrities of color. He explained:”we all Know what it is. I have seen how they deal with Raheem Sterling, as they talk about Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams. I don't know how Meghan truman gates to deal with, but I'm really glad that he is enabled to defend themselves”.

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