Nailbiter Vol. 6 – The Truth Of The Bloody | Review


Published on Sep 25, 2019


After a long journey, divided between the mysteries, the blood and the serial killer closes the curtain on Buckaroo, the city of Oregon from which you were born an impressive number of cruel assassins. Joshua Williamson has closed its narrative cycle Nailbiter with an apocalypse on the city of the killer (here you can read some of the previous reviews).

The mangiaunghie Edward Warren is locked up in prison, but it seems that was not put brake to the murderous madness of the city. On the contrary. Shannon Crane wants to definitively know who has to do that while under the the city is preparing to show himself to be the source of all the evil of Buckaroo.

In this last volume dedicated to Nailbiter by Joshua Williamson makes it even more dense and intense the narrative, bringing in the finale, the main characters on the place of origin of all the evils. The story of the curse of Buckaroo has its roots in the past, and involves characters that are unpredictable.

Williamson is very good at weaving a plot that does get the knots to the comb, but that could prove even more explosive and shocking. The intrigues are many, and the climax of the mystery created by the author is going to resolve in the final solution is intriguing, but not so incisive as to satisfy one hundred percent of the readers more demanding.

Despite this, Williamson has been skilled in creating a story that pays homage to the genre of slasher-horror, making it the basis of a matter that affects an entire community. In fact, the ability to tell a story set in a place that has given inexplicable birth to so many serial killer is something original and intriguing.

The writer has been good in giving rhythm to a story that you would have been able to keep alive for a lot less than six volumes, and if it had not been developed properly. And, paradoxically, the most tasty of the whole volume is the “post-final”, the narrative moments in the film belong to the scene post-credits, and that puts you at the center of a scene of suspense and surprise, able to blow up and enhance the reader.

In the scene grand final, in fact, there is all the juice Nailbiter: a rich history of citations, but with characters well delineated, whose individual actions can weigh emotionally on the reader because of the degree of empathy has been well developed.

And then the stretch of Micke Henderson, although it is not realistic, and you approach it slightly cartoonish, it fits well to the atmosphere, a little over the top, and also the moments filled with tension, weaving a cage of the various boards capable of enhancing the narrative.

And then the vivid colors of Adam Guzowsky manages to emphasize the mood of the situations narrated.

In short, once you have completed the last volume of Nailbiter, or even before preparing to read it, there should be a re-reading of all the volumes to get to this last piece of history having riassaporato of the atmosphere, for the joy of all lovers of slasher-horror.

Nailbiter is a comic that is suitable for all lovers of the genre, and for those who go in search of a comics well-developed at the narrative level, capable of holding in suspense page after page.

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