Nadia Toffa, the scam of fake testament to the damage of three parish priests: what is success?


Published on Oct 18, 2019


After the death of Nadia Toffa comes the scam with the fake testament to the damage of the three parish priests. What happened? The death of the journalist and host of the program Le Iene, has left a vacuum, and yet there were those who thought to take advantage of them to profit. Were the two thugs, who with a mock last will and testament of Nadia Toffa to the Church have tried to remove the three parish priests of the money. It happened in the province of Brescia. People without scruples, that they have no problem to use the name of a deceased person for their dirty business. Let's find out what happened.

The fake will was used by two criminals to circumvent the three parish priests in the province. The two are not in the slightest worried, morally, of that terrible gesture. But perhaps you do not even have assessed the possible consequences, because this is a thing illegal.

The two then went by the parish priests telling them that Nadia Toffa would have them in charge of depositing money to the Church as a donation. In addition to the lie, asked the three priests to pay an advance equal to 2 or 3 thousand euro in order to pay the inheritance tax and the notary costs. The three parish priests have not accepted and immediately realized the scam, and taken from the suspects reported the incident.

The criminals not only were they trying to cheat these people, but they were doing it in the name of Nadia Toffa, a journalist who has always been very active in the fight against crimes of this kind.

The two of them were gone by the parish priests claiming to be delegates of the two notaries is very important in Brescia. Even the name of these studies has been used in a way that is completely improper. So they had said that Nadia Toffa had left a donation to the church. To be able to receive, the pastors would have had to provide a figure of 2 or 3 thousand euro for the expenses. The police are now in search of two swindlers without scruples, through the bank left to the parish priests for the transfer.

The journalist and host of the program Le Iene Nadia Toffa, has turned 13 last August after a struggle against cancer a very aggressive one that had affected the brain. In recent times, despite being tired and tested by the care, as well as from that tumor that kept coming back, he worked without ever losing the smile.

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