Nadia Toffa: is dead the “Hyena” fighter


Published on Aug 13, 2019


Women are strong and tough, he fought till the last against cancer

Nadia Toffa died forty years after having fought against a brain cancer. The announcement was made by The Hyenas, the transmission that Nadia has led and for which he made services very important and delicate.

“Nothing for us will ever be like before, hello, Nadia, “ with these simple words the friends and colleagues of Nadia Toffa making this sad announcement. “You fought it head on, with a smile, with dignity and unleashing all your strength, until the last, until today – it reads on the page Facebook de Hyenas – The destiny, the karma, the destiny, the bad luck has decided to hit right at you, our Toffa the toughest of all.”

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Solidarity was also expressed by Beppe Giulietti, president of the National Federation of the Italian Press, which wrote: “He knew how to hold together the courage of those who want to ‘enlighten the darkness’ with respect for the dignity of each person, starting from the most poor and desperate”.

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Enrico Mentana has recalled the “extraordinary force”, who “knew how to fight with dignity and courage.” Also heard the participation of her followers: “Hello Nadia, rest in peace .. you were the sun and now you became a star ...the most beautiful in the sky”; “Rest in peace, will miss you all” and still “Brings the gift that your beautiful smile, strength of character, elsewhere, everywhere you will bring the next trip. Goodbye light.”

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Nadia Toffa had a seizure on December 2, 2017 during a service in Trieste, and this resulted in his temporary suspension from the working life. L’11 February 2018 will reveal, during the return to conduction of the television program for Italia 1 Le Iene, that this was due to a tumor.

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