Nadia Toffa in a bathrobe, the body marked by chemo: the photo makes the rounds of the web

Published on Oct 29, 2018

Nadia Toffa to the hyenas exhibited a new look, hair as black as last time, but the cut and style completely renewed

Nadia Toffa knows how to surprise his fans with a look decidedly innovative. The journalist has opted for a wig in pure retro style, a helmet is the black very much appreciated on social.

Yesterday aired the episode, and how he had promised Nadia Toffa has shown yet another wig, different than the last time that was not liked particularly to the public: a bob white in style years ’30.

Give it a look sometimes retro in some way, it goes well with the style of these last days of October, where Halloween is celebrated. A total black look, a little bit vampire, a little dancer of the early twentieth century.

The photos in your bathrobe, published a few minutes ago the way without words, her fan. The beautiful Nadia, in spite of treatment and the devastating effects they have had on his body, was able to react and not to lose the desire to be beautiful and full of energy.

Nadia is always beautiful, any wig decide to wear is his smile to make it special. The tumor will not rest with a with the force of her mind, and we hope it will soon announce the end of the arduous struggle against the disease which, unfortunately, last march, returned it with interest.

His body for the chemo, has undergone changes, is no longer the same. But it is especially his face has changed: there appears to be more swollen as she pointed out with his unfailing irony.

Here's the photo that in a short time has made the load of likes, comments and shares, and that is doing the rounds of the web.

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