N Francesca De André and his father Christian is war

Published on Mar 06, 2017

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Continue the war at a distance between Francesca De André and his father, Christian. After the hard attack of last week to Sunday, Live, when the ex-girlfriend of Daniele Interrante had accused the parent to have beaten his little sister last summer, and now, came the reply of the singer interviewed by ‘Free’ and ‘Vanity Fair’.

Cristiano De Andre has denied it all, reiterating that he has always kept the daughters, even at a distance, after the separation from their mother, and that he was grieved for what he had said Francesca, too, because she did not want to go to university. A ‘Vanity’ but he also reveals aspects of the most painful of his family life: his father Fabrizio, who before his death did not want to meet him, not to see fragile and has never said ‘I love you’, the mother was always the victim and he had also attempted suicide.

All statements, however, his daughter liked them and chose Barbara d'urso to replicate: “Makes statements about dead people who can't dispute what he is saying. He has done these things to all his children. I speak of violence, and he is the victim pulling up in the middle of his parents. And I would like to remind everyone that my grandfather, Fabrizio led him always in concert with him, helped him, always”. And on the charge of having beaten the youngest daughter, Francesca, says he has evidence of those violence adding to know an ex of his father, Dolores, who, after the relationship with him is out traumatized and has had to go into the analysis. Strong words, but it will be the last chapter?

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