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Published on Oct 03, 2019


1/5Murielle Szac, The adventures of Hermes, god of thieves, The ippocampo2/5Murielle Szac, The adventures of Hermes, god of thieves, The ippocampo3/5Murielle Szac, The adventures of Hermes, god of thieves, The ippocampo4/5Murielle Szac, The adventures of Hermes, god of thieves, The ippocampo5/5Murielle Szac, The adventures of Hermes, god of thieves, as The hippocampus

The main question and needed to answer to extricate themselves in the vast bibliography dedicated to the myths is: what is the reason for I want to tell them?

Yes, because especially when it comes to the matter of oral – myths are born, as the fairy tales, at the beginning of time – there is no single text reference several authors and transcribers can be used to transform the text a bit in what they have in mind, adapting it to the purposes of the most varied.

The editorial format is the most is the collection of different stories, one of a row to another, in the texts in collective works, where each episode is stand-alone and independent.

That of which I speak to you today instead is a novel, well-orchestrated and structured, which binds together the various episodes. The work of Murielle Szac with The adventures of Hermes, god of thieves is very interesting, because it offers to his readers a key to the reading, or better, a single voice, that of the character of Hermes, in fact, to tell the stories of many other protagonists.

A narrative thread that not only is the account of anyone who assists in the unfolding of multiple events, it is the story of Hermes, in his intertwined directly and indirectly with many other characters. The story of the different myths, and usually, therefore, from a look that is precise that it appears perfect in his telling of the loves, of epics, of revenge and of the great enterprises of men.

100 episodes in 100 chapters, for a quantity indefinable stories narrated in the one or more bets, but still engaging and intriguing and, above all, clearly states in a large and complex single story. The narration in the third person, alternates between dialogue that make the theatrical the different episodes, but able, nevertheless, to contextualize and explain each and every different actor who enters the scene.

An apparatus paratestuale with summaries precapitolo, outlines how each chapter is a narrative of an independent – although autoconclusa -, but rather a history of progressive and interlaced: looks very interesting because of the nature of the myth itself.

The choice of Hermes is perfect: the young and bubbly god with his curiosity crystal clear and his candor child attends and participates in the great unfolding of life, yes, because the myths in their iconicity become the paradigm of the life of every man and of the whole world.

Between betrayals, marriages, births and abandonments, vendettas, jealousies, loves, and impossible enterprises, reconciliations, alliances, pains, deaths, and transformations... makes a world of very human, a world that is that of those who grew up and lived, simply.

Like the fairy tales, the myths are based of the teachings, but above all, if well told, are not to be missed, the primordial literary exercises, which have survived over time thanks to their strength and the density of interesting events with which the first singers enriched the texts. A reading at the stopped of the different episodes is certainly possible, but it ends up amplifying component seems to have against the wide-ranging that the overall vision gives to this universe of characters, places and times.

A novel really intriguing, a novel, multifaceted and different faces that will cater to different readers and give a fascinating insight into the world of the Greek myths. By 9 years.

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