Myopia more and more widespread among young people: here are the causes and remedies of

Published on Oct 08, 2018

Myopia: a visual defect that affects more and more young people. Suffice it to say that in our Country alone suffer from it, about 15 million people. Myopia is not only hereditary. In some cases, can be affected by one unhealthy lifestyle for our eyes. On the occasion of World Sight Day, scheduled for the 11th of October, we will speak widely of this visual defect.

It is a disorder not to be underestimated. According to the forecast of a search, the australian published in the journal Ophthalmology, by 2050, could suffer up to 50% of the entire population of the world. To be most at risk are children due to the use of pc and video games. According to a recent study from the 9 years the prevalence of myopia is 12%, and the percentage increases to 18% to about 15 years, and reaches 24% in adulthood.

Grace Pertile, the director of the department of ophthalmology Hospital Sacro Cuore Don Calabria di Negar, explains that we must distinguish between myopia acquired and myopia, is hereditary. In the first case it is possible to prevent it. In this sense, Pertile points out that in the case of myopia acqusita it is important to keep the children in the open air at least for an hour a day. By doing so, the eye is forced to use also the visual field peripheral. In addition, mobile phones, tablets and computers but also books, to be kept at a distance from the eyes that is greater than at least thirty centimeters.

Myopia is a visual defect because of which you see blurry from far away. If one can distinguish three degrees: slight, up to three diopters average from three to six diopters, high if it goes beyond the six dottrie. Usually this disorder manifests itself in school-age children, and progresses during adolescence and stabilizes between twenty and twenty-five years. Myopia can be corrected or with glasses or with the application of contact lenses.

The first half is the most popular but may not be effective in the case of myopia severe. In children and adolescents aged from 14 to 16 years of age is not indicated correction with contact lenses both for issues related to the management of the same, and also because in the pediatric age group there is a greater risk of sensitization to the material of the contact lenses.

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