My Hero Academia – The Movie: the official synopsis reveals details about story and characters


Published on Apr 01, 2018


Last week we saw how the first animated feature film of My Hero Academia, inspired by the manga shonen written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi on Weekly Shonen Jump, will take the title of “My Hero Academia – The Movie: The Two Heroes” and due out in theaters in japan starting from August 3, 2018, today, instead, we learn that the film website has posted the synopsis of the same which reveals more details on the story and to the characters present.

Here, therefore, is the synopsis of the film:

“With the end of the Final Exams, the members of the Hero 1-To of the high School Yuhei make a trip to the field school training for the summer break.
However, before leaving for the field school, All Might and Deku accept an invitation from someone who is going abroad in a massive artificial city floating floating call ‘The Island’. Researchers around the world, both East and West, gather in the city, also known as the Hollywood of the Science, where you're holding a special event called ‘Expo’. In this convention, scientists carry out studies on the Quirk, Supplements, Support and Item for Hero.

In this place, Deku meets a girl without the Quirk of the name Melissa. The latter is just as Deku, that is, one without Quirks. Izuku, from the time who share this condition, can immediately connect with Melissa telling of when he also did not possess a physical characteristic and the supernatural. In that moment, suddenly, as though a steel wall surrounds and keep the island safe, the system is corrupted by a villain who has managed to breach the security! The people living are all taken in hostage!

Now, the Association Hero must act immediately in order to get the irreducible Plane or enemy will be the worse for them! The only person that can achieve that goal is just the Hero Number One, All Might!“.

Below, here is the latest key visual for the film:

Remember that on the report with the manga, the movie takes place after the story arc of the final exam and during “another summer” within the narrative arc of the field training school in the summer. As we already know, in addition, the film will tell the youthfulness of the All Might (in the tag-line of the key visual is also possible to note the face of All the Might by the young) and the past of a character.

About the production staff, the film is directed by Kenji Nagasaki at the studio Bones (the same studio that produces the animated series inspired by the manga of Horikoshi) on the screenplay by Yosuke Kuroda, with character design Yoshihiko Umakoshi and music by Yuuki Hayashi. Kohei Horikoshi will oversee the project.

The third season of the animated of My Hero Academia will debut on April 7, 2018.

In Italy, the manga is published by Editions Star Comics with the 13 volumes available.

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My Hero Academia – The Movie: the official synopsis reveals details about story and characters are




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