My Hero Academia: the Endeavor could be a teacher!


Published on Dec 02, 2019


Endeavour was animated by a very strong rivalry with All Might for his whole career, and that intensity makes him a fearsome presence that colors the world of the Heroes Professionals in a different light. But you could imagine a lot of intensity as part of the high School Yuei?

An image recently surfaced from the versions of the volume manga series has revealed some new facts on the original design of Endeavour, including the fact that it was supposed to be one of the teachers of the future Heroes Professionals, before Horikoshi decides not to do it:

Fun Fact: Apparently the Endeavor was too OP to be a UA teacher. Would have loves to see him teaching a class though... from BokuNoHeroAcademia

Horikoshi in the end decided not to make the Endeavour a teacher because it would make the school too strong. This makes sense in terms of good storytelling, as some of the best arcs of the series have seen students stuck on school trips, and if the Endeavor was one of the teachers who rushed to defend them all would be solved too quickly.

But in good and in evil, the Endeavour is a professional in the outside world, and this has allowed the character to thrive in complex ways that are still analyzed in the manga, up to our days. It is therefore a better choice to focus more on the hero trader, rather than relegate it to a few classes here and there.

I remember, finally, that the fourth season of " My Hero Academia (here is my review of the last episode) that all three of the previous seasons are distributed in a way totally legal and FREE here in Italy the platform streaming online VVVVID. The new episodes will be available in simulcast with Japan on every Saturday evening starting at 20:00.

Also, the fourth season of " My Hero Academia is also available on Crunchyroll, but in this case you can view it you will need to subscribe to a paid subscription to this platform of online streaming (you can still start a free trial of the service for the duration of 30 days, if you have not already done so). Go beyond the limit. PLUS ULTRA!

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