My Hero Academia: the editors speak of the genesis of the manga


Published on May 16, 2019


Recently, the first two editors who have followed My Hero Academia, manga series written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi on "Weekly Shonen Jump", they held an interview with Shueisha and published through the app MANGA Plus (legal platform for free, by means of which it is possible to read the last chapters of manga published by Shueisha, and then also My Hero Academia).

The first two editors, Mr. Koike and Mr. Monji, they talked, among other ideas of argumentation, the origin of the work of Kohei Horikoshi, the concepts and the superheroes before the whole thing became a worldwide phenomenon.

The first to take word is Mr. Koike. Here are his words about:

“After the conclusion of the second manga of Kohei Horikoshi, the title ‘My Hero Academia’ – a series autoconclusiva completely new, and it had remained in the heart of the author – was flashed in the head during the meeting on the third series to be published. After a dust off decided to the ideas, the story finally got its space in the magazine“.

The discourse has moved on to influence in the creation of the superheroes, and Mr Koike said the following words:

“Horikoshi loves the real Spider-Man directed by Sam Raimi, and I think that the influences of american comic books, and works such as Ultraman or Kamen Riders have contributed a lot to increase her love for the heroes. The concept of the manga and the current is almost the same compared to the one-shot, but has undergone some alterations. Horikoshi already had a setting and historical graphics in his head, but there were contents that have been rejected and others that were changed in the course of our meetings. Also, even the author himself as he decided to trash his own ideas on his own initiative”.

He arrived, therefore, when presenting the series to the chief editors of Weekly Shonen Jump.

Horikoshi and the editor presented the first three chapters, and even if all the editors were in agreement that the good quality of the manga, there was a layer of hesitation:

“Even if all the editors agreed that the story was interesting, there were some who thought that the manga needed corrections at various points, while others do not believe. No one had stated that the series was not good, but a slice of the upper floors, he thought that, at the very least, he needed to finish. We had to work on it“.

It is right to think that the manga has humble origins, but with work and dedication, My Hero Academia has earned the love of the world and today, more than ever, boasts the success and approval. Fans will be happy even more in the realization that the story worked out, but now we do not believe serve other confirmations.

My Hero Academia: the editors speak of the genesis of the manga is




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