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Published on Jul 07, 2018


Starting from July 4, 2018, in Japan, Shueisha has published the new volume of My Hero Academia, manga series written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi on the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump, and through the web, many fans have shared in the special pages with curiosity, manga, short, presentations of the characters, design and illustrations for the unpublished author's the japanese that made up the volume was, which resumes the events left from the previous number, with the chapter 168. Before you start to look at all of what I just mentioned, let's take a new look at the cover of the volume with Kyoka Jiro in the foreground:

For those interested, we have added the #BokuNoHeroAcademia Volume 19 Japanese manga volume to our stores! Order today~
Release Date: July 4th, 2018

— Aitai☆Kuji (@AitaiKuji) July 4, 2018

Accordingly, here is a look at the back cover of the volume which, like every other volume was, has a prominent character that appears in the volume. In the number 19, to the right of the plot, there is the villain Gentle Criminal. Here it is below:

MHA vol.19 BC

— SPY – سباي (@Spy_0taku) July 3, 2018

As announced, the manga, in addition to the 10 chapters regular (from 168° to 177°), presents special tables, short manga and illustrations for the presentations of the new characters all carried out by Horikoshi. The author has thought of offering a presentation for the new villain, or Gentle and The good. Here they are below:

Translated two more #BokuNoHeroAcademia Vol. 19 omake pages for Gentle and The good (Love Lover?).

Biggest takeaway: Horikoshi watches YouTube (YouTubers to be specific) on a daily basis and is borderline obsessed LOL

— ☆オードリーAudrey☆ (@aitaikimochii) July 3, 2018

Also presented Were and it has unveiled a behind the scenes on his clothes. Below:

Translated the #BokuNoHeroAcademia Omake page for Eri and a hilarious backstory about Eri''s clothes, chosen by Aizawa. Enjoy~

— ☆オードリーAudrey☆ (@aitaikimochii) July 3, 2018

— Your Anime Guy (@YourAnimeGuy) July 3, 2018

Let us now turn to the short manga, bonus, made in a single page, in which Horikoshi who write funny stories with the heroes of the world. The first is dedicated to the students sucked in Heroes of the class B high School Yuhei:

Class B working diligently to paint the dragon prop in their play, from the #BokuNoHeroAcademia Vol. 19 Omake~

— ☆オードリーAudrey☆ (@aitaikimochii) July 3, 2018

In the next short manga, the author comes Yaoyorozu, Jirou with Bakugou, Tokoyami and Denki while they think of what to call their band.

Scanlated another omake from #BokuNoHeroAcademia Vol. 19 with Yaoyorozu, Jirou, Bakugou, Tokoyami, and Denki figuring out what to name their band. Enjoy~

— ☆オードリーAudrey☆ (@aitaikimochii) July 3, 2018

On the occasion of the Football World cup 2018, Horikoshi, she designed a picture with the heroes of the class as they play, in fact, to football.


— 堀越耕平 (@horikoshiko) July 4, 2018

At the end of the volume, like all the other previous ones, the author revealed the primissmo the design of the villain Himiko Toga. In addition, Shueisha has published an advertisement for the 20th volume of the manga which will be released in Japan on September 4, 2018.

In relation to the first design of the Toga, Horikoshi revealed that it was fought on the cut of the hair to apply. In addition, he has stated that the character could fall in love with a person regardless of sex. Respectively, here is the first design of the Toga and the announcement of Shueisha for the volume 20.

Here's Toga's prototype from the omake in #BokuNoHeroAcademia Vol. 19

A few interesting things to note is that Horikoshi had a hard time figuring out her hairstyle in her prototype design and a possible trait of hers is that she can fall in love with anyone regardless of gender

— ☆オードリーAudrey☆ (@aitaikimochii) July 3, 2018

The MHA volume 20 Announcement.

— SPY – سباي (@Spy_0taku) July 4, 2018

My Hero Academia is published in Italy by Edizioni Star Comics with 15 volumes available for purchase.

My Hero Academia: special tables, and the other from the volume 19 is




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